Getting ahead in the editing world is tough.  For editors and proofreaders, finding clients can pose a unique challenge.  To get ahead, these professionals are using CRM Software for editors and proofreaders.

CRM Software for editors and proofreaders helps professionals in a variety way.  Here is a list of ways the software helps.

Collect Client Information:  The software uses a landing page to collect client information.  If a customer is on the internet searching for keywords like “Editors” or “Proofreaders,” you want them to find your name.  But what happens when potential clients do find you?  How do you get them to reach you?  An easy way to make that first connection is to allow them to submit their information to you using a web-based form.  The form imports the contact information into you CRM Software for editors and proofreaders.  Then, you have the information for follow up.  You might have a sales person get in contact.  You might add their email address to your distribution list for your next newsletter.  No matter how you choose to use the information, the important thing is that you have it.

Stay organized.  Editing professionals get a lot of orders.  If you try to keep those orders organized on paper, or in a spreadsheet, you’re wasting time and energy.  Instead, you can rely on CRM Software for editors and proofreaders to keep everything organized for you.  Tools like “project rooms” and document storage allow you to work on your projects all in one place.

Get paid. Getting paid is the reason you’re in business.  When you spend more time making and collecting on invoices than you do on editing, you aren’t running an efficient company.  Rather than waste time on invoices, let the computer do the work for you. CRM Software for editors and proofreaders offers readymade templates.  These invoices are made with your logo and allow for electronic payment.  The payment automatically reads to your accounting software, too.  That is very helpful.

Don’t fall behind on your to-do list.  CRM Software for editors and proofreaders has features like a to-do list that keep all of your tasks organized.  No more scrambling to get your editing and proofreading done at the last minute.  When you work ahead, the CRM Software systems organize your work for you.  This means more efficiency (and less stress).

Calendars.  Similar to your to-do list, a calendar can help you stay better organized. Whether it’s deadlines or a meeting with a client, you need to keep yourself on a tight schedule to stay successful in the proofreading business.  To do that, the CRM Software for editors and proofreaders offers a calendar.  Because it is the same system you use to contact clients and store documents, you will feel more organized than ever before.

Those in the editing business need CRM Software for editors and proofreaders.  Learn more about how CRM RUNNER will help you by giving us a call today.