Are you overwhelmed with all the client projects you have? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to manage the projects, budgets, and resources? Do you need help outsourcing or overseeing the projects? Don’t worry, we can figure it out together!

Are you looking for an excellent way to keep an eye on the daily operations of your subcontractor squad and observe their progress? Of course you are! Look no further – CRM Runner is here to provide the perfect solution!

CRM Runner is the ultimate, all-in-one solution to revolutionize your small firm to large corporation’s field service and office operations! It comes with features like lead tracking, task scheduling, monitoring and more, allowing you to manage all your daily activities with ease. And now, with the integration of the 3RD Party Jobs Module, this CRM system and project management system hybrid is even more intuitive than before!

Here are the results:

  • Assign jobs to other companies.
  • Adding contractors does not cost you anything.
  • You can assign jobs to as many contractors as you like.
  • Get a report of how many jobs each contractor has been assigned.

Using the 3rd Party Jobs module, you can now plan your client projects with precision; setting goals, scheduling tasks and managing resources. Monitor progress and assess performance – seeing what went well and what tasks were left undone. All of this leads to a sharper understanding of the projects being handled by other resources.

Would you also like to make use of CRM Runner’s 3rd Party Jobs Module? Get a 14-day FREE trial today!