The CRM Runner Inventory Management feature is a powerful tool for organizing and controlling inventory for your company. Everything is centralized within your CRM sales platform, eliminating the need to manage your inventory in insecure Excel spreadsheets or with costly off-the-shelf inventory software.

CRM Runner makes it simple to manage your inventory.

You can now create QR code stickers, add them to your assets (which can be any item), and manage them from the app on the go.

  • Make QR code stickers and place them on items.
  • You can get asset information by scanning the QR code with any smartphone.
  • You can easily change the details of your assets.
  • Receive notifications when an asset’s warranty expires.
  • Password-protect QR codes so that only authorized personnel can scan them.
  • Set permissions for members on QR code stickers.
  • The size of the stickers can be changed.

CRM Runner is one of the best CRM software that can help businesses grow by streamlining the tracking and management of inventory. This integration gives businesses a better understanding of their inventory levels, allowing them to make more informed purchasing and stocking decisions.

Furthermore, it can assist businesses in better managing their customer relationships by providing real-time insights into their customers’ purchasing habits and preferences. This can help businesses target their marketing efforts more effectively and increase sales. Finally, the integration can assist businesses in lowering inventory management costs such as storage and shipping.

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