Margins are being squeezed like never before as supply chains become more complicated and the need to reduce prices for buyers increases. CRM software is being used by organizations for supply chain management, which is a controlled and systematic approach to sourcing the goods and services needed to maintain profitability and drive efficiencies.

Lower your risk while improving the performance of your supply chain!!

CRM Runner, one of the best CRM software, comes with a slew of tools for managing supplier and vendor information, performance, and relationships. Suppliers and vendors can be added to the portal via an easy-to-use interface, and you can receive the information you need to evaluate suitability and performance.

CRM Runner can help with vendor and supplier management. How?

  • Providing you with a comprehensive picture of all vendor information, including contacts and communications.
  • You can now search for specific suppliers or check all options on the designated supplier screen.
  • Products can be linked to suppliers, which simplifies returns.
  • For better business operations, you can easily keep track of stock by checking billed, unbilled, and unpaid data.
  • It helps to add new suppliers to the database while keeping contact information for existing ones.
  • Supplier information is easily accessible and modifiable, and suppliers can be mapped to locations.
  • In their own section, new contractors can be easily added, edited, and saved.
  • Managers can quickly find and obtain information about a contractor or group of contractors.
  • CRM Runner enables you to make more informed, faster decisions that increase productivity, influence quality, and drive continuous improvement.

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