An asset management system can revolutionize your tracking processes, helping you save time and money! Quick asset audits, improved efficiency, and instant access to all your asset data are just a few of the benefits of a robust asset tracking framework.

Tired of the drawbacks of a poorly managed asset tracking system, such as lack of visibility, higher administrative costs, and security risks? With QR code stickers and the CRM Runner app, managing your assets and inventory has never been easier. Quickly add and manage them on the go for maximum efficiency.

To add QR codes to items, follow these steps:

Bring your items to life with scannable QR codes! Not only can these clever codes provide interactive, informative experiences for your customers, but they can also reveal details about the product like its history, who made it, and even how to use it.

Smartphones can scan the QR code to find out more about assets:

An asset’s details can be displayed by scanning a QR code with any smartphone. It is convenient to use this method if you are not near a computer.

Easily edit your asset details:

Editing asset information is a piece of cake! Head over to the asset management page, choose the asset you want to modify, then make the desired adjustments. Of course, if you’ve changed your mind, you can always hit cancel and discard any modifications made – no problem!

Receive notifications when an asset’s warranty expires:

Notifications can be set up to notify you when a warranty expires. A good way to protect your assets is to keep track of them and to protect them properly.

Ensure that you are authorized before scanning QR codes:

QR codes are a convenient way to quickly share information, but they can also be used to access sensitive data. To protect your data, secure QR codes with a password so that only authorized individuals can scan them; this way, your information will remain safe and confidential.

Create QR code stickers with members’ permission:

QR code stickers ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to certain areas. This permission system provides the security needed to protect confidential information and safeguard against potential damage or theft by unauthorized individuals.

The sticker size can be adjusted:

QR Code stickers have a seemingly endless range of applications, and the size can easily be adjusted to suit any requirement, meaning they are incredibly versatile and can be used for an abundance of tasks.

Does that sound interesting to you? Want to learn how this asset management system with QR Code can help your business grow? Contact us today for a free consultation!