Without customers, there is no business.  Customer Management is an important part of any business model, especially in one which revolves around closing sales.  Technology like CRM RUNNER makes the customer management process smoother for businesses.  Acquiring customers, meeting their needs, staying in contact, collecting payment, and getting them to spread the word about your business are all challenges that CRM technology makes seamless.

CRM RUNNER uses the Sales Funnel module in conjunction with your company’s landing page (also a feature of CRM RUNNER) to collect the names and contact information of potential customers as they visit your website.  Once the contacts are populated, they can be sorted into the various stages of the sales funnel for team members to contact as assigned by the manager.  This tool means that customers stay motivated to consider your business no matter the stage they are in the Sales Funnel.  It also means the best man for the job can be assigned as he progresses from prospect to paying customers.

Once a customer is interested in the product or services, the company can furnish an attractive estimate with a pre-designed template which features the company’s logo and contact information.  CRM RUNNER allows team leaders to pair tasks with services and make assignments via the Plan Room.  This spells out efficiency for those within the company, but even better, quality service for the customer who knows exactly where his project stands at any given moment.

CRM RUNNER maintains all of the contact information for potential and current customers such as phone, address, email, and even birthdays.  This makes connecting with customers faster as the software provides one-click calling as well as bulk text (SMS) and email messaging.  As customers are converted and expenses translate to invoices, the customer stays informed along the way.  Invoices can be sent directly to customers and payment can be received within the application to streamline the process.

Even customer retention and referrals are managed directly within CRM RUNNER.  Customer information is retained for business promotions, sales, and follow-up.  One-click dialing means a customer can be on the line in seconds so that staff moves quickly through call lists, meaning more contact with customers and ultimately, more sales.  A separate referral modules shows how customers come into contact with your company be they through former customers, email, or the website.  This provides insight about successful and untapped markets as your business grows.

Keeping customers happy is pinnacle in running a solid business.  Customers are looking for professional and timely service, which CRM RUNNER aptly enables you to provide.

If you are new to using this software, then you can use the Company’s 14 days free trial or check our pricing here.