Customer Database Software Programs are an Essential Growth Tool for Businesses

Customer database software for businesses often help owners and managers focus on growing the business instead of the little time consuming details.  By automating things like reporting, time keeping and progress tracking, a comprehensive online CRM system can save time and streamline processes.

Growth in a business comes from a valuable service provided with excellent customer care in a scalable way.  Many businesses see enough growth that some of the details get missed or finally get accomplished after hours or on weekends. With a CRM system to automatically take care of some administrative and reporting tasks, growth becomes part of the daily routine.

Customer Database Software Programs

Customer database software for businesses helps improve customer service

Customers report that they lose confidence in a company when they have to repeat their concerns and when they feel like their needs are not being met.  A CRM system tracks client communications throughout the whole company.  This means that every employee has access to the information the client has already provided and can better serve them.

When customers questions and concerns are addressed quickly, it gives them a positive impression of the company.  Customers feel special when many employees know their story and what they need.  They also appreciate being informed ahead of time when something isn’t going as planned.  Customer database software for businesses helps keep all employees knowledgeable about every client thus improving their customer experience.


Find a client management program that works for your business

Not every growth tool is right for every business. When looking for a client management program, it’s important that business owners consider not only how they will use the program but also how their employees will use it.  Many CRM software programs are equipped to only track information pertaining to sales and leads.  More comprehensive client management programs will include scheduling, invoicing and on-site reporting features.  Since not all business needs all of those features, business owners should find a CRM system that is designed to work for the way their go about their day.

A client management program that includes job reporting and GPS tracking is well suited for a business with field staff and technicians that often don’t come into the office.  Integrating invoicing and timekeeping may be essential for a business owner that doubles as the CFO.  Basic functionality of a CRM is essential to growth for any business, but finding the correct client management program for the way your business operates is key.

How to find the best CRM software programs in 2019

The best CRM software programs for your business are those that will work well with the way the business already operates on a daily basis.  Not all CRM systems are created equal and some don’t have the user in mind.  Many employees have reported that navigating thru features they don’t use and too many options they don’t need access to actually deters them from using the new client management program.

A hard to navigate interface isn’t the only thing that keeps employees from using a CRM system.  Many employees don’t see value in changing up the way they have been doing things, especially if they think it’s working.  By choosing a CRM software program that easily integrates into the way employees go about their day, managers increase the chances that employees will stick with the new process without intervention or constant reminders.

In addition to fitting seamlessly into day to day operations, a CRM software program should also include features that make running a business easier and not more complicated.  Several features make life for a manager easier but very few CRM software programs have built in flexibility that allows them to make it work for their business.  Customizing workflow and reporting is a feature that the top CRM software providers are beginning to include.

3 things top CRM software providers are doing

The top CRM software providers of 2019 have started to notice that businesses (and CRM systems) aren’t one size fits all.  Integrating commonly used technology into CRM software programs as a way to increase business efficiency has become the new benchmark for client management programs.  The top CRM software providers are including these 3 features in 2019:

Customize-able features and reports

Leading CRM software providers are including the option to customize what is needed on reports and on their dashboard.  Customizing important reports that are commonly reviewed by managers will help streamline their process; which makes knowing where the company stands as easy as logging in.

GPS tracking

Perfect for tracking down technicians and sales staff, GPS tracking is a feature that CRM software providers are taking advantage of in 2019.  CRM systems that have GPS tracking enable managers to know where sales staff are and how long it will take a technician to arrive to their next stop.

Integration with other programs

Top CRM software providers are including integration capabilities in CRM programs in 2019.  Some programs integrate invoicing and payments while others focus on integrating with social media and other communication channels.  The most effective client management programs do both.

The best customer database software for businesses have CRM apps for client management

Technicians, field staff and managers are not always on site with the office staff that performs scheduling and contacts customers.  For businesses that operate on this model, CRM apps for client management is the best option.  Cloud CRM solutions allow for all employees to access the CRM system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Businesses that operate from multiple locations need access to CRM apps for client management.  With a Cloud CRM solution updates are provided in real time to all employees that are logged on.  In applications like CRM Runner, business owners get real time notifications when technicians arrive to a job and complete their report.

Client management software should come with a free trial

CRM software providers should offer a free trial with their product.  During the free trial, owners, managers and employees should take full advantage of using the system.  Once the trial is complete, it’s best to ask for feedback about the new CRM system from those who used it.  Top CRM software program, CRM Runner, offers a 30 day free trial to business owners looking to see growth.  Click here to learn more.


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