A CRM system works overtime to solve project management issues for construction and electrician crews in Miami

Project managers for construction and electrician businesses are faced with the unique and taxing responsibility of managing teams in the field. It is rarely convenient and never cost effective for a project manager to abandon administrative and business development tasks to shadow every job site and every employee. Communication is vital to maintaining quality control over the particular issues faced by the construction and electrician industry.

Construction and electrician crews need the right tools to properly represent the company and adequately serve the customers’ needs. A CRM system can go a long way to serving construction and electrician businesses in Miami to better serve the community and increase potential revenue.

CRM Runner Online System

A CRM system helps construction and electrician businesses in Miami address one of the top complications of the industry – changes in scope.

Customers are rarely equipped with the knowledge and experience of professional construction and electrician businesses.  This can lead them to make requests to change the scope of an established project at any stage of construction. While this is a consistent obstacle all construction and electrician companies face, what may set one company apart from the competition is the ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved.

CRM Runner features an all-inclusive communication system accessible on a handheld device or a desktop computer so project managers can reach out to their customers anywhere, any time. Effectively explain to customers what is involved with making the adjustments for which they are asking and keep the entire team in the loop with what the customer wants and what the company has agreed to change.

The CRM Runner online system for electricians and construction crews includes a GPS system and time tracking reports in order for project managers to have constant oversight of work progress.

Know where employees, equipment, inventory, and tools are at all times with the GPS feature of the CRM Runner system. This knowledge helps project managers maintain an accurate stock supply through the reports of what is used on what jobs. The CRM system for Miami managers offers visibility of when company property leaves and returns to headquarters or the company warehouse.

Determine top performers in various different types of jobs with the GPS and time tracking feature. CRM Runner maintains data on the time it takes each employee to complete an assignment. Provide accurate feedback to a waiting customer or project lead if an employee is running behind schedule for any reason or needs to be replaced with another employee.

An online CRM system for construction and electrician crews in Miami makes it easy to set expectations with crews whether on-the-go or in the office.

CRM Runner includes an easy scheduler to make it clear where you expect your teams to be and when. Project managers and employees have access to this information at all times through the CRM Runner phone app. When changes need to be implemented, your team is instantly alerted to the new expectations and can communicate their questions or concerns in real-time.

When juggling multiple projects at once, managing the details of each individual project is vital to providing better customer service and staying ahead of the competition. CRM Runner helps project managers keep all the relevant information of each individual project in designated files to keep accurate contact information, site data, team assignments, deadlines, material necessities, and incident reports in one place.

Improve customer service to overcome stakeholder indifference and retain loyal clientele for your construction or electrician business in Miami with a CRM system.

Stakeholder indifference can kill a major project and cause delays or rework. Rather than struggle to encourage participation, effortlessly scan the reports and details of every project to provide orderly and incentivized status updates to stakeholders. The time not wasted on the minutiae of making sure teams have contact information, site data, etc., frees up project managers to spend the time they need to form contingency plans and strategies to overcome this potential risk to work projects.

Rather than use up time needed to overcome the management aspect of customer expectations, equip construction and electrician crews with the most up-to-date information and expectations to avoid further delays. Spend management time on the items outside of the company’s control and improve customer relations while teams in the field continue to be productive.

To learn more about CRM Runner and how your business will grow through mangers spending more time on customer relations and less time on work site issues, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.


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