Those in the business of preparing homes for a soon-to-arrive baby know the importance of their work.  At a time when parents are excited to welcome a new life into their world, they are equally worried about preparing their homes in a way that leads to a safe environment for the growing infant.  With so much to think about, families are often looking for a one-stop solution which is where Home Baby Proofing Consultants step in.

CRM software for the home baby proofing consultant makes the entire process of helping a family secure their home much easier.  From finding clients, to providing quotations, to scheduling the work and following-up to collect payment, there is a lot to organize.

In many cases, Home Baby Proofing is not a one-man team.  There is somebody responsible for marketing and sales and somebody else who does the home-baby proofing.  If the company is large enough, there may be entire teams or departments dedicated to different parts of the business.  CRM technology for home baby proofing helps in various parts of the business.

GPS routing and street view tools helps consultants stay on target with schedules so that families receive their services on time.  Clients do not care about construction delays, traffic jams, or how the driver got lost.  GPS tracking in today’s CRM solutions reduces excuses, so that the driver arrives on time.

Staff: GPS capabilities, work orders, plans, and mileage expenses are all tools that help the baby home proofing consultant succeed.  Staff members work better when they have the proper tools to facilitate their job.  CRM technology for home baby proofing provides just that – the necessary tools for the business to help meet the needs of the new family.

Inventory:   Consultants use a variety of equipment and tools to secure homes. From outlet covers to partitions that safely block stairs and other dangerous sections of the home, consultants need to have a lot of equipment on hand.  CRM software has inventory management tools that mean the consultants never go without when heading to a site.  The inventory items are easily assigned to client’s so that they appear on the invoice when the job is complete.

Equipment:  Some equipment needs to be tracked by the business.  CRM technology for home baby proofing has a GPS tool that means this is easy to accomplish.  For example, technicians and consultants can log in to the CRM software from a mobile device.  All of the records, inventory, and necessary tools are available on the go.  When the employee logs in, he appears on a map using GPS technology.  Supervisors can easily confirm an employee is where she is supposed to be, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

In summary, GPS features among others can make the workday better.  CRM software allows managers to review reports on where, and for how long, employees are.  Product inventory is easily reviewed.  Invoices are sent and paid in a snap.  For today’s home baby proofing consultant, CRM software like CRM RUNNER, puts the focus back on the work that needs to sbe done.