A List of CRM Solutions for Common Business Problems

Many people are aware of common problems that prevent businesses from growing, but few are privy to the list of CRM solutions that are available.  Online CRM systems are designed to help businesses streamline processes and improve customer service.  The use of a cloud based customer relationship management software can help managers and business owners easily solve some common problems that businesses face.

Growth is a goal for all businesses.  As the all too familiar phrase “growing pains,” indicates businesses start to encounter new problems as growth happens.  These common business problems can be automatically tended to with the use of a CRM system.  Advantages of implementing a customer relationship management software are apparent almost immediately to many managers.  How quick information is shared is at the top of the list of CRM solutions for business owners.

Most businesses encounter similar problems during a period of growth.  An effective online CRM system will aide managers in resolving continued issues.  Successful businesses choose to use CRM tools to accomplish this by tracking and organizing communications and progress in one place.


CRM Solutions for Business Problems

Below is a list of CRM solutions for common problems that businesses encounter:

An Easy way to update customers

One of the most common things customers say is the reason they lose confidence in a company is lack of communication.  Some of the best CRM tools make it easy for any employee to communicate with customers.  Customers get frustrated when things are running behind or not going according to plan, but with a CRM solution, employees can easily identify delays and notify the customer at the click of a button.

Communicating with customers can happen via chat, text, email or phone call.  With an online CRM system, all of these types of communication are available and automatically tracked.  CRM tools work together to keep all needed information in one central location.

Tracking employees with GPS

Many businesses have at least one employee in the field that is hard to hold accountable.  Some businesses are comprised solely of field technicians moving from job to job.  Others have one or two sales people that are never in the office but always too busy to take calls. The best CRM tools of 2019 help pinpoint where those employees are with GPS tracking.

Integrated GPS tracking works with CRM applications.  The employee downloads the application to their phone.  Using the GPS technology available the CRM system reports the location of that employee.  Managers have easy access to where the employee is and how long they have been there.

Check in with multiple sites from anywhere

For several types of businesses, growth means additional job sites, technicians, vans or locations.  It can be hard on a manager to keep tabs on job sites spread across town and even more difficult to manage multiple service technicians carrying inventory.  A comprehensive customer relationship management software will provide a long list of CRM solutions for this problem.

The best CRM tools include multiple ways for managers to streamline their day.  When job sites and employees are spread out all over town, staying in the know about where each project stands is nearly an impossible task.  Customized reporting is an ideal CRM solution for managers that need an update from multiple job sites at the end of the day.

A central location for customer information

A common complaint customers file is having to repeat the same information over to multiple employees of the same business.  It’s frustrating to customers when they have to explain what they need several times on the phone and then again to the technician that shows up at their door.  Customers say that it makes the company look incompetent and makes them feel like they are just a number.

Using CRM tools built to keep all information in one place and easily accessible is the best way to keep customers feeling valued.  With a customer relationship management software, every communication received from and sent to a client is housed in one place.  Cloud based CRM systems update in real time, keeping everyone that has access up-to-date on customer expectations.  Keeping all of these communications with customers in one place nearly eliminates the risk of a customer repeating themselves and thereby providing an effective CRM solution for a common problem businesses have.

Inventory tracking with multiple locations

Inventory tracking is an invaluable feature for managing a business across multiple locations.  Using a CRM solution to tracking products on the shelf and in the field can help business owners accurately identify when a product is a working and which technician is equipped for a specific service call.  Unused inventory is often a huge and hidden source of where profits are being lost.

Timekeeping for field staff

Keeping track of when field staff arrive and leave from their job site is difficult for managers that have more to do than check in at different locations.  Many managers couldn’t tell you if they are paying for hours that haven’t been worked or not.  Typically seen as one of the biggest ways a company loses money, finding a CRM tool that allows field staff to clock in and out at a job site is essential to cutting those hidden losses.

CRM solutions like timekeeping and timestamped reporting can help managers hold employees accountable for the time they spend on the job.  Using CRM applications and the best CRM tools of 2019, customer relationship management software that allows field staff to punch the clock in the morning and clock out after completing their report is essential to keeping track of employees.

CRM solutions make businesses run more efficiently.

The list of CRM solutions provided is just a small sample of how an online customer relationship management software can help a business increase profits and improve customer service.  A full service system uses the best of CRM tools to streamline processes and workflow.  As the needs of businesses continue to change, the most effective CRM solutions also evolve.  To learn more about what a comprehensive online CRM system can do for your business click here.


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