A major reason to consider customer relationship management software or CRM Software is the improvement of organizational processes and, of course, customer relationships.

Electric company office managers and owners recognize that CRM software can have a significant impact on more than just customer communications. All employees, including field technicians and dispatchers, can benefit from CRM software, resulting in more jobs and more revenue.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a CRM that can truly optimize workflow and not just perform business functions. Many CRMs, though convenient, don’t sync with answering services, aren’t accessible by field technicians, and have an outdated or clunky interface. There are also more than a dozen different CRM software options available to electrical contractors to review.

As such, selecting an electrical CRM by trial and error isn’t the best use of time, and it could even lead to hiccups as office staff tries to learn the ins and outs of each system.

To help you decide if upgrading to CRM for electricians is truly right for you, we’ve created a guide that outlines different advantages of electrical CRM software, including how CRM Runner CRM for electricians can enhance relationships with customers and help your business evolve.

To learn more about how CMR Runner can optimize your business processes and improve customer relationships, schedule a talk with us today.

With CRM Runner for electricians, your office staff can focus on more important tasks. Taking customer calls, logging job info and dispatching field technicians, updating customers on technician status, tracking follow-ups, and processing payments are just a few of the tasks office managers and CSRs perform in order to ensure business runs smoothly.

Make sure you know where your electricians are

CRM is a useful tool for electric contractors because it helps locate electricians. Now, electrical contractors can track and locate their on-site electricians through GPS tracking CRM software. They are able to expand their business and work more efficiently with CRM’s special features.

Reports on the status of work sites

The contractor might not be able to visit all the job sites every day. This CRM feature assists contractors in getting updates on their work as necessary. We have developed a CRM for electricians that makes their work easier and more comfortable. Managers can keep track of their day-to-day activities via mobile apps.

Keeping track of materials across various projects

Tracking materials is a challenge that electrical contractors face every day. Many take on multiple projects at once, so they cannot concentrate on any one site at a time. In such circumstances, CRM software can be a huge help to the managers in providing better service to their customers since the company sends many vans to various worksites.

Invoice software is included in a CRM for electrical contractors

More than just tracking the location of electricians, a CRM for electrical contractors offers many other services. The invoicing software can also have payment options so that the payment can also be collected easily since it is a comprehensive system that can help electrical contractors prepare an invoice in no time and collect payment from the worksite.


We recommend that all electrical contractors choose the best CRM based on their needs so that they can get the most benefit from it.