In most cases, a spark in the electrical work isn’t very good.  However, when it comes to personality, a little spark can be a good thing.  That goes double when we’re talking about needing a catalyst of sorts for some explosive profits.  That might be just what you find when you begin to use CRM Software for Electricians.

CRM Software.  CRM.  C stands for customer.  Relationship, R. Management, M.  That’s the gist of it!

Relationships with customers have to be groomed if you’re going to make it in the fast-moving world of electrician services.  There isn’t a moment to lose.  There are other electricians out there who are running efficient, affordable, and responsive businesses.  If you can’t say the same, you may be falling behind.  You may be failing to take advantage of customer relationship management, and if that’s the case… you’re going to get left behind in the dark.

What’s the buzz about CRM Software for Electricians?  Here’s all the illuminating information!

  • Attract more customers with a landing page that can be linked to your CRM Software. A landing page is a placeholder website on the internet that many clients and leads will find by typing in certain keywords into a search engine.  In this case, they might type something in like, “electrician near me Pinecrest Florida.”  When that first page of the search results turns up your company, the customer is going to probably click on it.  When they do, they see a prompt:  Need help?  Request an estimate now.  Enter your email address… Yes, that’s it! That’s the ticket!  When the lead enters in their contact information, you will have a live wire on your hands.  You can contact them for follow up, close the deal, send a contract, and be on your way!
  • Contact customers using the sales funnel tool. This tool opens up to reveal a list of your leads. Double click on a lead and get them on the phone to deliver the estimate.  If email is more your style, you can do that, too.
  • Electronic signature is the cherry on top of it all. As electricians, you probably like doing things electronically.  That goes double for signatures which can be safely collected and stored in trustworthy CRM Software for Electricians.
  • To collect payment, generate an invoice quickly using your template as found in the CRM Software. The document features your logo, contact information, and the amount due.  Best of all, the document looks professional.
  • Want to see where the client is? Maybe you have decided to inspect the job and hand over the invoice for yourself.  What is the address of that client again?  Oh, yeah! You can look at the CRM Software GPS tools to locate the client, calculate the route, and even bill for mileage.  That is convenient.

It might come to you as a shock, but the spark behind a great business is glowing reviews.  Glowing reviews are left by satisfied customers, customers who have been treated like royalty by professional electricians.  To put it all together, you need CRM Software for Electricians.

CRM RUNNER does the job.  Contact us now for a free trial.  Don’t get left in the dark!