What to Expect with CRM Online Pricing

When shopping for an online CRM system, getting lost in the dozens of companies who offer customer relationship management services is inevitable. Business managers already know the benefits of using an online CRM service to help increase efficiencies to improve their customer retention averages. Part of what it takes to keep customers happy with any product or service is the smooth operations of a company which is available and at the ready to answer questions and fulfill customer requests.

A significant consideration when shopping for an online CRM system is to only pay for what your business actually needs.

CRM Pricing


CRM online pricing is not based on an industry standard and will vary from company to company.

CRM costs are in their infancy of setting a standard across the board for businesses of various sizes. According to the Harvard Business Review, the ROI for CRM systems was considerable even when CRM systems required pricey installation efforts almost no businesses other than corporate enterprises could afford. With cloud and other advanced technologies, CRM systems have simplified the materials required while bringing improved services and reporting to their entrepreneurial customers. In one system, as opposed to multiple hard copy files, business owners have fast, easy access to information which is critical when making hard decisions. When it comes to letting go employees which are not up to par with company standards to cutting products, detailed reports make these choices easier to make before a harmful amount of revenue is lost.

By majority, the cost of online CRM services is divided into monthly or annual costs. CRM pricing tends to offer a percentage off the monthly price for customers willing to pay for one year up front.


Find a customer relationship management package which actually fits the needs of your particular business.

The need for CRM services is not limited to big business. Small to medium business owners who promote a product or service where field staff is required find they are more capable of meeting their customers’ needs when they are efficient and streamlined in their day-to-day operations.

While one may come across a free CRM service for small businesses, checking the features of the free version will demonstrate the adage of “you get what you pay for.” Some services offer absolutely no reporting, one of the most critical features when looking to cut costs and maintain stock which is most popular for one’s loyal customer base.

Make sure to scan the different packages and just pay for what will make you more available to your customers. Maybe scheduling is less significant to your company than inventory tracking or maybe you need to know where your technicians are in order to answer your questioning customers in real time. Which packages will best suit your business’ needs?


CRM Runner online pricing is competitive with the leading CRM businesses in the industry.

At $15 per month (or $13.75 per month when paid for the whole year), customers choosing the “Startup” package receive the mobile app, dashboard, leads generation and reporting feature, estimates, invoices, professional quotes templates, the ability to accept payment transactions anywhere, inventory tracking, and suppliers tracking. Depending on the size of the company, this package could help avoid a number of obstacles through online payments portals, easy to draft quotes to send leads, and the ability to watch how inventory is used and where corners may be cut. This package does not include SMS.

The online pricing for the “PRO” package includes everything in the “Startup” plus SMS and the addition of features which help maintain effective, company-wide communication. For $50 per month (or $45.83 per month when paid for one year), gain access to the scheduler, jobs/work orders reporting, and employee reporting. These features make it widely visible to staff where they are supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there, and what they’re supposed to do at the job site. In addition to mitigating the risks of schedule confusion, employers receive notifications regarding personal details such as birthdays offering the opportunity to acknowledge staff and let them know they’re important to the company. Maintaining records on employee performance, setting permissions, chat functionality, and QuickBooks integration are also included in this package.

CRM costs for the “Enterprise” package build upon the “PRO” features for $95 per month (or $87 per month when paid for the year). This package adds serial number monitoring, allows for multiple stores, and supports geolocation provisions. The most all-inclusive package called the “Ultimate” at $145 per month ($132 per month when paid for the year) includes all business operations in one system. Use the payroll, shifts schedule, voice recognition, social media integration, clock in/out function, project planner, and e-mail blast features for the optimal planning software in improving business efficiency.


Customer relationship management companies which stand behind their product and services will offer a free trial.

Business managers have the opportunity to test out the full features of CRM Runner for a 30-day trial to see what services best fulfill the needs of the company. The price of CRM software pays for itself when increased functionality makes room for more customers to find your business.

To learn more about online pricing for CRM Runner and how your business will grow through increased efficiencies, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.



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