Being a masseuse is a rewarding business.  For those who are stressed, sick, or looking for rejuvenation, a great massage, working deep tissues and melting away pain and stress, could be the ticket to a whole new day.  Whereas massage parlous have their own way of doing business, those who offer in-home massages need CRM software to stay on top of their work.

CRM applications for in-home massage businesses offer a variety of tools that streamline operations for the masseuse.  These tools help the business stay organized so the masseuse can focus on what he does best.


Perhaps one of the biggest knots to undo in running an in-home massage business is scheduling clients.  CRM Software for in-home massage businesses have a variety of tools that make scheduling easier.  For example, a calendar widget allows the schedule maker to create events for meetings and bookings.  The events can be attached to the client’s name in the database.  This event can also be used to generate an invoice to be paid at the time of the massage, as well as before and after.  Invoices can be sent electronically and paid in the software – even on the road, so masseuses can collect payment on site using the mobile versions of the software which fully support your financial accounting software.


As the masseuse’s business grows, so does the geographic market.  The masseuse needs to be able to arrive on time and to the right location for every appointment.  The CRM software shows the location of each client.  It even shows a street view photo so the masseuse knows where they are going before they leave.  If there is a charge for mileage or distance, the software adds that to the invoice without issue.

Text (SMS) Communication

Messaging clients can be a great way to communicate with clients.  Bulk messages (SMS) can be sent to a client list.  This is helpful for the masseuse when they are looking to promote special rates or fill open spots in their schedule.  The masseuse can also confirm schedules and let the client know they are on their way using the SMS technology.  By keeping in close contact with their clients, they build a stronger customer relationship that will lead to more bookings.


Collecting payment is a critical part of any business.  The beauty of CRM technology today is that it is possible to generate invoices in less time using templates that feature the company logo and contact information.  Invoices can be sent by email and paid online.  Because CRM applications are available on mobile devices, invoices can be paid wherever a mobile device is present.  That’s great news for the in-home masseuse who visits clients on the road.

When it comes to working out the kinks in running an in-home massage business, CRM technology helps entrepreneurs and business owners stay on track.  Interested in using this powerful technology?  Contact us to get started.