Do You Need a Cloud-Based CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems were once bulky, expensive products requiring special installation and IT personnel. Small business owners are well aware CRM systems may help them grow; however, every investment must be taken seriously and considered against the ROI. Modern technology has made CRM systems more accessible to every level business to promote growth through increased efficiencies.

Cloud-based CRM

What is a cloud-based CRM?

Most businesses are tied to a server to contain and manage documents, procedures, operations, etc. Not every small business is equipped with servers making cloud-based management systems a faster, simpler, cheaper way to conduct day-to-day operations.

Using a cloud-based CRM system means you can access all your necessary reports and software through the internet hosted on what is known as “the cloud.” This access is available to whomever the business deems necessary. Your entire team can log into the business account from anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Is a cloud-based CRM software for small businesses effective at streamlining operations?

Very few small businesses are true 9-5 operations. Almost every small business owner or manager wears more than one hat to keep things moving and this rarely fits within the confines of a normal workday. With a cloud-based CRM system, this is no obstacle to continuing to get work completed any time.

Without dependence on a physical server, everyone on your team can continue to work regardless of where they are. For example, if you need to relocate your headquarters, have everyone pick up their laptops and move – the cloud will still contain everything you need to simply open your computer and pick up right where you left off.

Cloud-based CRM software tends to be available on any device with internet access. This means, you can access your scheduler or your work progress reports from your staff any time, any place, and even on-the-go. If you are commuting to a meeting and client has a question, you have the ability with cloud-based CRM applications to answer the question and update staff in real-time.

3 Benefits of Cloud CRM Software

One of the main hesitations business owners have when considering any new operations service is cost and security. Below are three benefits to cloud-based CRM systems which may reassure you about upgrading your customer service through increased efficiencies.

1: Cloud-based CRM software is designed with security in mind.

Employing a CRM strategy only works if you can trust the SAAS. CRM companies put security in the forefront of their product offerings – more so than you’ll find with the average IT setup with a server. A good cloud-based CRM will offer advanced, automated back-up procedures with clear protocol in the rare event of a security breach. Using two-step authentication and strong passwords help further protect your information in the cloud.

2: A smartly designed cloud-based CRM software program is still affordable.

Allocating a large amount of money towards any one purchase is generally not a recommended habit among small businesses looking to grow. Even before cutting the costs of private servers, IT personnel, and installation, most CRM companies provide varying packages to help small businesses get the services and reports they actually need for a reasonable cost. There should be no hidden costs or fees for extra hardware or licenses and many CRM software packages allow for a low monthly fee to customize their software for the benefit your company. System maintenance is included in the use of the cloud-based CRM product.

3: Ease of use and  around-the-clock access makes cloud-based CRM the best option for businesses looking to grow in 2019.

Installation is as simple as signing into your brand new account online. Simple, easy, DONE. You can do this tomorrow at the office or tonight in your PJs at home. You have access from anywhere there’s an internet connection. You can be at a coffee shop and still have access to inventory reports or GPS tracking on where your technicians in the field are working in real time.

Some cloud-based CRM systems are better than the Sales force program

Salesforce has likely come up in your research for a cloud-based CRM system as it is widely known and popular for sales-based, large businesses. Their reports are extensive and, in some cases, considered to be complicated or, rather, more than a small business really needs at a stage of promoting new growth.

Salesforce is among the pricier options to use the full capability of the software. Depending on your industry, the strong focus on sales and leads over inventory, customer communication or feedback from technicians in the field may mean the investment of time to learn to use the platform and cost may not be beneficial to your goals. Other cloud-based CRM systems with easy-to-features may be a better choice for small businesses.

What makes cloud CRM vendors a trusted partner for success?

Cloud-based CRM vendors only succeed if their product helps your business succeed. Companies drafting their own version of CRM software know firsthand what it takes to run a business and what they could use to improve their loyal customer base. To maintain their own longevity, their service must improve your business’ chances for longevity or, like your own clientele, there’s always the option to choose a competitor.

Client Database Software for Small Businesses can help improve customer service and decrease costs.

Without your loyal clients coming back for more products and services, chasing new leads may drive your business right into the ground. It’s costly to generate new leads whereas loyal customers not only return, but, they tell their own friends and family about how your company makes their lives easier. A cloud-based CRM system will help you collect the data you need to improve what you have to offer your customers as well as communicate with them and your whole team seamlessly to avoid simple mistakes which make customers feel taken for granted.

A cloud-based system is the best CRM for small business in 2019

Cloud-based system CRM Runner offers a 30-day trial to all businesses ready to take their company to the next level. Choosing a CRM strategy to make work easier for yourself and your team while encouraging more time to generate leads instead getting lost in administrative necessities is a smart choice to a more profitable year. Automating your sales process and increasing your efficiencies with the CRM Runner system can help you achieve the growth goals you’ve set for your company. Check out the features and start a free trial by signing up here.


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