When it comes to the CRM software, every developer has added their own specific touch in it. Yet the best way to run the business involves the understanding of what you need to do in certain conditions. Fortunately, CRM RUNNER has designed software that will free your worries and hectic schedule and allows you to focus on your goal. The elements like To Do List CRM software, notifications, dashboard, etc. are your companions in the management system.

Now, the business doesn’t need to waste paper and worry about maintaining the database of each and every employee through real files. They can utilize the software in a smart way and avail the incredible features. With additional improvements such as easy job scheduling, instant on-field work progress information, and updated payment details will help the business to work in a more conventional way.

It is the features of the software that makes the difference. Thus, every business needs some essential features for positive results. The main features that should be summarized in the software are listed below:


The best feature management software can have is the dashboard to access all the features from just one interface. CRM RUNNER does that with precision and allows the users to give a complete overview and analytics of the day-to-day operations in the firm.

  • Have complete access to the everyday operations currently going on in the firm.
  • Manage real-time jobs with a user-friendly
  • Control inventory changes and gets notifications for the latest updates.
  • Access change in schedules, payments, or any other changes in the working
  • Monitor daily income and expenses easily.

As you can see, the software is loaded with useful functions and features that will boost up the efficiency of the regular operations.

Leads CRM Software:

This Leads CRM Software feature of the CRM RUNNER allows the company to go for the leads and capture the potential customers. As this is a field job, the software will generate new leads and manage the communication portal as you deliver the services.

  • Create estimates and invoices in a much better and faster way by using CRM RUNNER.
  • Stay connected with the customers right up to the sales process.
  • Special capture functions with the software that increases the sales generation.

The businesses can take their lead management to a whole new level with the CRM RUNNER. Thus, you will be able to interact with the clients in an efficient and easy way.

GPS Tracking:

This feature allows the higher-management level to track the on-field and off-field employees. This way, the organization will have exact knowledge of the current whereabouts of their employees. Here are some other key points of the GPS Tracking tool of CRM RUNNER.

Know the current location of the team on the map and track their real-time driving routes.

Get site images and pinpoint the location of the clients and employees.

Special On My Way feature to enable the clients that the tech team will be arriving at their premises shortly.

Without any delay, you can view the satellite map and have a complete overview of the staff and customers.

To Do List CRM Software:

The “To Do list CRM software feature enables the businesses to grow and be more productive in a systematic manner. With the To Do List, the head-staff can employ better management skills and get improved and fast results. The list can help you in various ways:

  • Accomplish the assignments in an organized manner with this feature.
  • It acts like a digital sticky note that allows the employees to write down the tasks they need to finish by the end of the month.
  • Complete your tasks on time without missing deadline with the To Do List.
  • Take note of assignments and manage them easily with reminders.
  • The list will act as a digital record of the work history and projects done to this date.

Along with the above-mentioned features, the software also has a mobile application, chat room, inventory, plan room, suppliers, e-docs, and various other features. CRM RUNNER has integrated the best-in-class techniques in just one tool and made it autonomous so that the business doesn’t need to manage the employees as well as the software.

What are the Pricing Plans of CRM RUNNER?

The pricing plan of the CRM software is well organized to make sure that the users get the benefits. But before you choose the buying option, you should try out the free demo for 30 days. The demo will give you access to the unlimited features once and for all. This way, business operators can decide whether the software is worth the money or not.

The various pricing plans of CRM software are given below:

For Monthly Plans:

  • $15/month for the Startup package
  • $50/month for the PRO package
  • $95/month for the Enterprise package
  • $145/month for the Ultimate package

For Yearly Plans:

  • $165 a year for Startup plan
  • $550 a year for PRO plan
  • $1045 a year for the Enterprise plan
  • $1595 a year for the Ultimate plan

In both these plans, the Startup plan won’t include the SMS and other advanced features. The four plans are designed to allow the business to choose the plan they need. The business can opt out for any plan for the demo period and verify the working efficiency of the software.

Only this way, the users will be able to access the Leads CRM Software and get the best of it. There is no doubt that the software makes the organization more systemized and increase its capability. You will also get a stock management feature with the software. It can track the multiple stores and warehouses along with the tech trucks to make sure everyone is doing their job in the right way. This is the opportunity to connect your office with the field staff in a seamless way, so make sure that you grab the opportunity.