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6 Dec

Integrating Email Marketing & CRM to Create New Sales Opportunities

The key to any good marketing strategy is a great CRM system. It helps you keep track of important customer and sales data, as well...

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22 Nov

Key Advantages of Implementing Digital Catalog

CRM is the foundation for promoting and selling any product. The main purpose of CRM is to manage things such as customer databases, customer interactions,...

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17 Nov

How to Create a Powerful Sales Funnel with CRM?

CRM can improve sales funnels in many ways and create them powerful. If you want to streamline your sales and customer journey, you need a...

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15 Nov

Comprehensive CRM with Asset Management Feature Simplify Inventory Management

CRMs have come a long way since they were first introduced. Now, they can track customer relationships and interactions, as well as integrate with inventory...

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13 Nov

You can maximize your email blast campaigns with CRM RUNNER

Small businesses are using CRM (customer relationship management) systems to streamline daily tasks and improve customer interaction through advanced technologies. CRM email blast for small...

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9 Nov

How CRM Can Help You Manage Your Sales Funnel

If you're looking for ways to improve your sales funnel management, CRM could be a great option. By keeping track of your leads and customers,...

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8 Nov

Simple & Efficient Asset Management with Customized QR Codes

Your tracking processes can be streamlined with an asset management system, saving you time and money. You will be able to do quick asset audits,...

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4 Nov

Hassle-free Solution for You! CRM Runner Combines CRM & Project Management

Have you got so many client projects you can't handle because you're swamped? Is managing those projects, budgets, and resources becoming quite difficult for you?...

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2 Nov

How CRM & Email Marketing Work Together to Grow Your Business

CRM and email marketing are two essential tools for growing any business. By integrating these two platforms, businesses can more effectively manage their customer relationships...

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1 Nov

How Is CRM a Good Tool to Improve Email Blasts?

Your marketing activities may be more effective if you use CRM software. CRM can also boost your relationships with existing customers. You can incorporate customer...

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29 Oct

How a CRM Software Can Help You Generate Jobs for Sub-contractors?

When you are busy or you have jobs in other cities, or your career requires you to work multiple jobs with multiple clients all at...

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26 Oct

Digital Catalog Module in a CRM: Key Advantages of Implementing It

To reap the benefits of modernization, forward-thinking organizations are transforming fundamental business tools, such as product catalogs, into digital formats and digital platforms. Implementing a...

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