Your business benefits from live chat on websites, and you already know that. Live chat drives sales by getting new customers to contact you.

On the market, there are many top live chat applications, but Live Chat goes far beyond just chatting. It does wonders when incorporated into a CRM tool!

What are the advantages of live chat in your CRM software?

By integrating CRM software with Live Chat, you can manage customer data of customers you’ve been chatting with on your website in one place.

  • An employee contact list is available in the sidebar
  • Communicate quickly and easily with employees through chat windows
  • Instant communication allows both employers and employees to stay updated within the system
  • Easily integrates with existing systems for a seamless user experience.
  • Keep track of previous conversations by accessing saved messages.
  • To inform coworkers of your availability, set your status to offline/online.
  • Create a page for each employee/team member.
  • Automate responses to ensure quality.
  • Using an advanced chat routing system, generated chats are routed to the correct team member, helping increase conversions.
  • You can also integrate social media chat into our chat feature, allowing all your social media communication to be centralized on your profile.

With CRM Runner, you can streamline and automate your business operations, with a special focus on customer retention and field operations.

All-In-One Resource

CRM Runner combines all aspects of your business into a single, easy-to-use platform, eliminating the need to use multiple programs, thereby saving you time and money.

Completely Customizable

As your business is unique, we let you customize the platform to fit your needs.


At the best price, the platform is fully loaded with all features.

CRM Runner: How Does It Enhance Your Business?

CRM RUNNER communicates across all categories of the business, be it the office, field technicians, customers, or payments, and presents an easy-to-understand action plan.

To Conclude:

Keeping the team connected to boost productivity is made easier with CRM Runner’s built-in integration of the instant messenger features. Using this feature, you can capture whole website chat sessions.

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