Features of the Best CRM Application in 2019

While the goal of most CRM platforms is similar, the way in which each program assists a company with improving efficiencies and customer relationships vary. For small business owners looking to increase revenue, the benefits of refining work flow are apparent in enhancing your customers’ experience. The question is less, “Should I get a CRM system” and more “Which CRM system will help my business grow this year?”

Best CRM Application in 2019

A Customer Management system is Vital to Business Success

Owners and operators of small businesses wear virtually all the hats involved with day-to-day operations. In addition to burn out, this often forces a smart, passionate entrepreneur to take on tasks which distract greatly from what drew the entrepreneur to start a business in the first place. If you are dedicated to improving home security in your community or delivering the best product in your industry, it’s difficult to focus on this passion when you have employees to train and equip, client questions to answer, inventory to monitor, and all the many duties accompanying small business ownership.

An online CRM system automates the time-consuming processes your company needs to function to free up the day for managers to refocus on what matters most – doing what you love to do. The CRM manager tracks inventory, employee work progress, customer conversations, scheduling, etc. The customer tracking software is programed to provide reports which are easily read and understood in order to make essential decisions for a thriving business. For example, if the customer tracking software reveals in a report how a particular product is repeatedly returned, a business manager doesn’t need to look through months and months of ordering history to cull the item. An online CRM system cuts out time spent on tedious, but, essential tasks to help managers cut costs and get back to providing optimal customer service.

The Best CRM Application in 2019 tracks progress and resources

Serving your customers better than your competitors is the best way to grow your business. According to, the #1 reason customers may choose you instead of someone else who can do similar work is their experience with your business. If the service provided inspires feelings of trust, if you can make them feel less like a number and more like a valuable part of the community, they are likely to not only stay with your company, but, they are even more likely to tell their friends how the price is worth it  to receive the service you provide.

The optimal way to offer this level of excellent service is using the best CRM application to clear out lost opportunities due to a lack of efficiency. As previously discussed, inventory is an area where numerous business owners are lost for hours at a time trying to track, manage, and decipher the numbers. An online CRM system automatically tracks inventory in the warehouse as well as on company vehicles. A CRM with inventory tracking will show what equipment is failing or performing well in order to better prepare employees to succeed and represent your company in the field.

The best CRM application which automatically tracks inventory tracking should include GPS monitoring so business managers know what leaves company property, with whom, and whether or not it returns. An online CRM system provides day-to-day oversight without requiring managers to engage in the time-consuming task of shadowing every employee.

Manage communications and reporting with the best customer management system in 2019

One of the ways a CRM manager gives time back to its users is with a CRM dashboard. Rather than opening multiple reports, business owners and operators have the ability to customize what they want to see and what notifications they require to stay on top of company procedures. The CRM dashboard is designed by you, the business manager, to display what most concerns you.

For example, the CRM dashboard could be programmed to show when items are low in stock indicating a time for reordering. Maybe what matters most is for the CRM manager to show on the dashboard when jobs are completed in order to respond to customers asking when a technician is meant to arrive. Rather than making several calls or sending texts back and forth, a manager is able to answer questions and adjust the schedule as necessary with a glance at the dashboard with a CRM for tracking employees. Other questions are quickly and easily addressed with a CRM dashboard displaying sales, progress, and schedules.

Avoid making customers feel like you’re not paying attention – it’s a surefire method for your competition to move ahead of the race. Using a CRM to track customer communications keeps all essential personnel on the same page so troubleshooting methods are not duplicated – wasting time, money, and resources. CRM systems also help ensure that customer satisfaction does not suffer for having to answer the same questions repeatedly. All communications between the company and the customer are tracked and maintained in the CRM management system.

The best CRM systems of 2019 are cost-effective

There are a variety of CRM systems out there and many small businesses are already pinching and scraping to make ends meet. The CRM cost is a significant factor when making a choice between the multiple services. Most CRM costs are broken into monthly fees to maintain the platform the online CRM uses to help you run your business. CRM costs can range from $15 to $300.

Beware of CRM management systems advertised as “free,” but, end up costing much more to use the full functionality of the software. Also, evaluate what your business actually needs and avoid paying for complicated features that may not serve your employees well. A great way to test drive a CRM is to find a company which offers a free CRM trial. You and your team should find adequate time to see which features are useful and most beneficial to set up your team for success when trying out a CRM with a free trial.

Not all CRM management systems include GPS or customer tracking software. When it comes to businesses with workers in the field, this is a special feature to seek out before starting a free trial of any CRM software.

Get a free trial of one of the best CRM systems in 2019: CRM Runner

Try the best CRM management system for small businesses in 2019. CRM Runner offers some of the more beneficial features for small business and those reliant on field service as well as a 30-day free trial. Find out what your team needs to succeed and how to make your client base feel valuable with an adequate amount of time to experiment with work flow in this CRM management system. Learn more about the features and the CRM Runner free trial by signing up here.


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