You can easily manage the expenses incurred by your employees, contractors and clients!

With CRM Runner’s built-in Expense Tracking feature, you can record, approve, and analyze employee, contractor, and client expenses. You will gain maximum visibility into your company by associating expense reports with employees, contractors, clients, opportunities, and projects.

What are the benefits of CRM Runner for Expense Tracking?

  • You can get an accurate statement pertaining to expenses.
  • With our mileage calculator, you can track all mileage costs.
  • The application now allows users to submit expenses directly from their mobile device.
  • With the help of GPS technology, field employees can now verify their travel expenses.
  • You can easily create detailed expense reports for clients, employees, and contractors using a shortcut.

Using a CRM integrated with an expense solution can simplify and track business travel expenses. Sales executives will be held accountable for their business travel by tracking how the trip is going to affect sales. By tracking ROI against each business journey, an organization can increase profitability and growth.

For managing customer relationships, sales teams typically use CRM applications. CRM’s built-in expense solution allows sales representatives to enter trip details while on the go. With a single platform, they can access both CRM and expense features, increasing visibility and flexibility while ensuring quick reporting.

Organizations strive to improve visibility into overall travel and expense spending while making the most of business travel.

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