The Benefits of a CRM software for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors face unique challenges when growing their business.  The more job sites and crew members they take on the more difficult it is to maintain project deadlines.  Often when electrical contractors begin to expand tasks start to fall through the cracks and complaints begin to surface.  Finding a better way to manage their business, their job sites and their materials becomes the only thing that can help save the day.

An automated CRM software for electrical contractors can help simplify tasks and create streamlined ways to manage staff and materials.  The right CRM for electrical contractors will also include the capabilities to track employees and get job site updates without leaving the office.  An online CRM platform is a cost effective solution to many of the problems electrical contractors face.

Benefits of a CRM Software

What does a CRM for electrical contractors do?

A CRM is an automated software for electrical contractors that helps them track employees, job sites and customers all in one place.  Some have basic functions but the most comprehensive CRM systems can also help with invoicing and reporting.  A system designed specifically for electrical contractors should be capable of tracking materials across multiple job sites, staff members and where they are as well as invoicing for customers.

Streamlining these processes can save managers time and money.  Reporting features and better tracking lead to more informed decisions about employee promotions, which services are selling and where the company is losing money.  Being able to access all of the information an owner needs to know about a business at the click of a button is the major assets that using a CRM software for electrical contractors provides.

Benefits of a CRM for electrical contractors

Using a CRM system benefits electrical contractors in a variety of ways.  Improving customer service and keeping the office staff updated on when a job is finished and a technician is in route to the next work order is just one of the many benefits those who use a CRM system.  Many tools and features of the best CRM systems help meet the needs of electrical contractors. The following are the most vital benefits of using a CRM for contractors.

Know where electricians are at during their work day

A CRM software for electrical contractors should be able to use GPS tracking to locate field staff that are on-site.  This type of feature enables a CRM to work for the business by better understanding how long it takes to complete a job and which electricians are better suited for which service calls.

Up-to-date reporting on job site progress

Custom reporting features inside a comprehensive CRM helps electrical contractors keep their employees accountable.  Managers set up end of day reports that can be completed and submitted from a mobile app.  Pictures attached give the manager a full view of what was completed.

 Tracking materials across multiple projects

Keeping track of materials across several projects is a main concern for electrical contractors.  Some may have many work vans completing service calls throughout the city, and each of those vans contains equipment.  Knowing which van is ready for which service call just by clicking the inventory tab, helps owners and managers better serve customers.

Invoicing for electrical contractors

One of the main pain points for electrical contractors is finding a software that can create estimates and invoice customers in the field.  A CRM that is also an invoicing software for electrical contractors is ideal for getting a better understanding of what money is coming in and what money is going out.         

CRM Runner includes an invoicing software for electrical contractors

A CRM for electrical contractors does more than just track leads.  It tracks materials, employees and customer service.  With the most comprehensive system on the market, electrical contractors are able to prepare an invoice and collect payment from the job site.  Invoicing software for electrical contractors should include estimate creation as well as payment options.  Electrical contractors that choose a CRM to handle all of their needs should carefully choose which features will serve them best.  To schedule a demo of a CRM software for electrical contractors, click here.


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