A large sales team is allocated over a huge geographical area. They find leads, close deals, and even cold-calls sometimes. Keeping a record of such a huge team becomes difficult and traditional methods such as check-ins are time-consuming.

To make your work easy and keep track of each member of the team, you can use GPS tracking CRM software. It gives several benefits to you and your sales team.

Real-Time Data

Is your sales team effective? You can find it out by integrating GPS into CRM software. GPS not only informs you where your members are but provides you with much other information. It helps you to track the leads and clients your team members are connecting with, the follow-ups and also the sales that are closing. You can see the complete picture of your sales team working on the field while being at the office or home. GPS integration into CRM software allows you to access data in a centralized location. You can see the complete history of your business – leads, close-ups, meetings, etc. This software helps you to understand the complete picture of your business.

Manage Client Meetings

You will need to respond quickly when new leads enter your CRM software. In such a situation, knowing where each member of your sales team is placed will enable you to allocate leads to such a person. Let’s say, a lead wants to meet your member the same evening. You can quickly find out the closest member and instruct him to execute a meeting with the lead smoothly. If a lead wants a phone call, you can check the CRM software and find out which member is at the office or on a break so that you can assign the phone call to that person. With prompt responses, you can get more leads, more close-ups and satisfied customers.

Not Time-Consuming

Your team members do not have to find time to check into the office. CRM with GPS tracking allows each member to check in from their location automatically. The software always lets you know the current location of your member. Your team members can focus on their work effectively.