A busy sales team is often dispersed across a large geographical area as they meet with leads, close sales, and even cold-call potential clients. Keeping track of their work can be a challenge, and traditional methods (such as manual check-ins) can be time-consuming for your team.

To easily keep track of where each team member is, you may benefit from location tracking software connecting with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. When you can integrate the data from that software with your CRM, you and your sales team enjoy several benefits.

  1. Collect sales data in real-time

Are your salespeople effective? You can find out with GPS integration. You can use GPS technology to find out where your sales representatives are at any given time.

You can also track which leads and clients your team is reaching out to, which follow-ups are taking place, and which sales are closing. When your sales team is working in the field, you can see a complete picture of what they are doing.

Additionally, when you integrate this GPS data into your CRM, you can access this data from a single location. Using this integration, you will be able to see a lead’s entire history with your company with one glance, including follow-ups, meetings, and results from your sales team. You will have an updated view of your sales funnel thanks to the real-time loading of this information into the CRM.

  1. Organize client meetings efficiently

You may need to respond quickly when you receive new leads or when clients reach out. By knowing where each member of your sales team is located, you can manage client meetings and assign leads efficiently.

An afternoon meeting is requested by a client. If you want to send a team member to a client, you should check your CRM for the closest member. Let’s say you receive a new lead in your CRM, and they need to be called. You can use your GPS tracking platform to find out who is heading back to the office, finishing up a meeting, or taking a break so that you can assign the call to the person who can follow up most quickly.

With prompt follow up and efficient meeting management, you can reach more leads and clients more quickly, increasing sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.

  1. Manage travel expenses and reimbursements accurately

It can be challenging to find accurate travel information. Members may forget to complete forms or need to estimate their travel time. Your business and team members may suffer from inaccurate reimbursement as a result of erroneous data.

Use location tracking software to ensure accurate reimbursement and travel expenses. Get the information you need to pay back a team member fairly by consulting the software to identify exactly where they traveled.

With GPS-based travel reimbursements, your team and your budget will be happier.

With CRM Runner’s GPS tracking, how can your business be better managed?

  • Your on-field representatives will be visible to you from a bird’s eye view.
  • Providing manual status updates or calls to employees and contractors can free up your technicians.
  • It is possible to track team member hours accurately with CRM Runner.
  • You can easily filter your searches by individuals, teams, or locations to better manage your resources, crews, and projects.
  • Analyze how much time each team member spends on each project.
  • Get notified when invoices, estimates, leads, and sales are generated by field agents

Track all of your employees, contractors, and members with our GPS Tracking solution feature built-in with CRM!

CRM Runner lets you organize your customers, prospects, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents on a single platform and monitor them easily. You can not only perform the tasks and manage your team members efficiently, but also monitor the real-time updates of all your team members. A single click gets you to all of your leads, distributors, and deals. With CRM Runner, you can see a live map of the movements of every single sales representative in the field.

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