It is the century of metropolitan cities with multiple languages and people living in a place. Countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and South Africa observe people of different communities and languages living in the same area. Though the official language of these countries is English, a considerable number of people converse in other languages. Almost every city in these countries provides a polyglot culture. Hence, it is normal for mobile apps to offer services in local languages.

In the age of globalization, every business needs to have a worldwide presence and be successful. If your business has a mobile app that provides services in multiple languages, it will not only observe more conversion rates but also build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. A multi-language CRM software is crucial for the success of every business. It will also help to spread the brand name among the mass. The more users you have, the more successful your business will be.

2 Steps


Localization will help to translate your app into several new languages. Though you have to plan in advance, it is a good tool to expand your business into a foreign market. For example, you can use CRM software in French in an English-speaking country. You can offer personalized messages in each local language so that your app provides more than just a mere translation of the English language. It shows that your business pays attention to different linguistic, cultural, and dialectical differences, and gives your app a local appearance. While localizing, pay attention to data, time, and currency.


Translation of apps from one language to another requires detailed attention and persistence. It is not only about translating word to word but also providing cultural feelings and values. Translation can be of two types – human translation and machine translation. Human translation is the process where an individual translates word to word. It is the most preferred method of translation. In machine translation, the software is used to translate languages. It is faster than human translation but may not emphasize cultural values and feelings. Sometimes, the translations are not authentic.