Task management is the method of managing a particular task in the entirety of its life cycle. The various segments of planning, tracking, testing and reporting are included in task management. Achievement of goals and collaboration between individual groups is the objective of task management. Knowledge transfer, sharing of best practices and attainment of collective goals are the core focus points of task management. It can be regarded as a subset of project management which can serve as a basis for competent execution of tasks in the organization.

Why Task management software is necessary

  • Every minutia of information ranging from plans to running of tasks can be arranged in a logical order for effective tracking and completion.
  • Task tracking, the meeting of deadlines and coherent team management are the vital objectives of using task management software.
  • Delayed tasks can be course-corrected by making suitable interventions at the pinpointed source of the problem which vastly improves and refines your workflow.
  • The users of the task management software can keep themselves abreast with collaborative tools like chats, wikis and dashboards.

Task dependency

  • A task may be dependent on the outcome of another task. This interrelationship can be visualized through a Gantt chart of the task management software that sets out different parameters like task ownership, dependency class and due date.
  • You have complete control to choose the preferred dependency type as default.
  • Task management software lets you set a predefined connection between different tasks for automatic alignment with the set dates.

Task management software

Centralized management structure

Monitoring of task status and assignment to team members can be done from a unified location with easy accessibility. Email reminders and tracking of progress of individual tasks in the project can be done. Conversion of emails into related tasks is a powerful feature.


  • Segregation of tasks can be done through Milestones. This grouping will allow hitting of high-efficiency levels.
  • Milestones will enhance your evaluation ability to know when the project deliverable will be completed.

Procedure for time sheet approval

  • Time sheets and billing requests can be approved in a streamlined way.
  • Entries without approval are notified in red on the respective icon.

Sub tasks and Task reports

  • Task management software allows you to partition the parent task into sub tasks which gives a good picture of the overall progress of the project.
  • A combined view of open and finished tasks of a particular project will help you gauge the pace and quality of task progression and take corrective steps if required.

Task Updating and Remainders

  • Update your existing tasks either selectively or in whole to make priority changes and modify task ownership and transferring the task across different lists.
  • Email reminders will give complete flexibility in managing critical milestones of the project.

Operational Benefits of Task management software

  • Color codes can be employed for effective organization and assignment of tasks from a centralized structure. The centrality of decision making helps in the prioritization of tasks
  • Projects o complex nature can be broken down into multiple tasks with interrelated dependency. This aids in the coherent flow of work.
  • Your enterprise can ensure quality products to clients at decreased costs by the integration of tasks. The productivity of staff members can be enhanced by sending out periodical reminders.
  • You can assign tasks for members or contractors and get real-time notifications. This helps in setting practical goals depending on past performance metrics, monitoring of deliverable and deadline management, all of which are critical for the smooth functioning of the business.