Do you have a separate software for your inventory management? Is it getting hard for you and your team to access real-time inventory data? Are your billing operations lagging due to inaccurate inventory information? Is your business losing valuable customers due to poor customer service?

It is time you look for a different CRM software which offers inventory management integrations in case your current one does not. Previously businesses used a separate inventory management software which used to look into the backend business operations like billing and supply chain management whereas the CRM software was limited to frontend operations like creating campaigns and tracking sales. However, that has turned obsolete. Integrating both can prove to be highly beneficial for your business by streamlining various operations and improving productivity. Let’s see the top advantages of integration inventory management with CRM.

Provides a 360 degree customer view

Having a CRM software with inventory management will help you know your customer completely from the business perspective. Having all information about the customer like his interests, preferences, buying patterns, purchase history, order history, billing processes, payment details etc. can come in handy while creating a personalized offer for the customer and increase the likelihood of a successful conversion. It will improve your customer service and hence foster a long-lasting relationship.

Easy access to real-time inventory data

Your customer has contacted your support team to know the status of his order. Your support representative need not waste time in connecting to a different system or coordinating with other people to know the status. He will have immediate access to the customer order in real time and hence will be able to inform the customer the exact status of the order in no time. He can easily access information related to shipments, order history, customer financials, payments etc.

Streamline processes and reduce errors in data entry

Earlier businesses used to handle a lot of critical business operations manually which had a scope of manual error. However, now with integrated solutions, businesses can easily streamline various business operations to automate the workflow. An integrated solution updates the inventory information in real time automatically, thereby reducing the duplicity. All the changes in the inventory database are updated automatically and reflected in the CRM in real-time, so your team will have the latest information about your customer’s data.

To thrive in today’s market, it is very important to have an integrated CRM software to have a clear understanding of each and every stage of customer lifecycle. It offers easier collaboration among internal teams, streamline all information and brings everyone on the same page.

CRM Runner is one such integrated CRM software with inventory management inbuilt so you can manage accurate stock levels at each and every location, schedule timely procurement and provide a better customer service. You can easily accept returns, process refunds and facilitate exchanges. It helps you have a better control over your inventory. Streamline your inventory and sales process with powerful reporting and analytics. Contact us at to know more about our services. Sign up for a free trial now!