For effectively managing your warehousing facility, you need a well-knit system that can track your employees work and manage the delivery of the products at the right time. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one-of-its-kind software that provides full logistics management to the warehousing companies. The warehousing industries can opt for multiple warehouses CRM Software especially devised by US-based Company CRM Runner. Our CRM software helps in scheduling jobs, getting electronic signatures, possess a GPS Tracking APP for tracking the vehicles and employees, etc.

CRM and Warehouse Management- How it Proves Useful?

CRM integration in your warehousing system will keep you ahead of your competitors. The Inventory CRM Software helps you in knowing about the inventory present in the warehouse. You do not have to deal with last time mess of producing, packaging, and sending your products. The CRM Runner provides customized solutions for all types of businesses right from small-scale to a large-scale logistics company. Here are some pointers that show how CRM proves useful in warehouse management:

Track the Warehousing Activities: The CRM software assists you in tracking various warehousing activities. It includes keeping a check on your inventory to delivering the products to your consumers. With the help of CRM, you can unify all your warehousing activities in one place. This will leverage your business and will help you in maintaining competitive pricing too.

Measurement of Marketing and Sales Activities: CRM assists in managing the marketing and sales activities related to logistics. Moreover, it helps you to provide an insider’s view of your customer’s needs. This will keep you ahead of your competitor’s and you can effectively manage your resources too.

Ensure Faster Delivery: The dispatching CRM Software assists you in keeping track of all the products that are being dispatched from your warehouse. With CRM and mobile-based apps, you can ensure that the shipment is en-route or the shipments already dispatched have safely arrived at the customer’s doorstep. You can also take an electronic signature from the receiver of the products and get online payments.

Automating the Consumer Data: The consumer data is saved in a number of files in the database that becomes hard to track about particular customer requirement. For this, you can use CRM software along with the cloud-based solution to keep a track of your old and new customers needs.

The use of CRM software in logistics helps in increasing productivity manifold. The CRM Runner along with its versatile features is giving an innovative touch to warehouse management. Call our expert to understand how we can help you to boost your business.