A Web-Based CRM Platform Can Provide an Opportunity to Grow For Your Business

Competition is stiff –  and advertising only gets you the client.  Then you have to wow them, which more and more businesses are doing with a CRM platform. Expectations of consumers are higher than ever before while brand loyalty trends are seeing some downward shifts.  This indicates that in order to keep a customer coming back, businesses have to exceed expectations.

For many businesses this means learning to work “smarter not harder.” When it comes to customer relationship management, going above and beyond competitors while also maintaining a small business feel becomes the only way to achieve a client surplus.

The largest problem with the “small business feel” is that it often gets lost when a business tries to scale or increase their coverage areas.  Ditching archaic systems and using a web CRM can help alleviate all of those growing pains while increasing profits.


CRM Platform


Businesses who use an online CRM platform report an improved customer experience.

Using a web CRM has shown to streamline processes, decrease workload and impress customers when implemented appropriately.  Over time, the tools provided by a good client relationship management system provide managers and business owners with valuable insight.

The insight gained by the features of the online CRM platform often allow for more detailed review of employees, inventory and the business as a whole.  Having this information available at their fingertips enables business owners to make more data-driven decisions that result in an multitude of opportunities.


A CRM platform improves communication with staff and customers.

Web-based client relationship management software enables anyone to access the information they need – from anywhere.  Designed to keep all communications in one place, employees have an easy way to find out exactly what management expects and is notified when changes are made.

Contacting customers and knowing what they need is easier with an online CRM.  All of their communications are kept in one central location.  This fosters a more trusting environment between the clients and everyone working on their project.  That sense of trust will carry over after the project is complete and often results in the best kind of referrals – word-of-mouth.


A web CRM is the key to managing projects effectively.

Managing multiple on-going projects and providing various services can result in a stack of paperwork on the desk and late night visits to evaluate the progress of a job site.  Add in the pressures of acquiring new clients and you get the perfect recipe for an over-worked business owner.

When an online client relationship management software, like CRM Runner, becomes part of the regular day to day, managers can spend their time more effectively.  Customizable report templates will give them the information they need inside the same CRM platform that also tracks which prospective customers are due for check in.


 CRM platforms that track inventory help control costs for a business.

Inventory issues have been known to cause many a headache for managers and business owners, especially those who need a mobile inventory.  Businesses with more than one location also have double (or triple) the worries when it comes to tracking inventory.  Web CRMs can help ease the mind of business owners by showing them opportunities to increase profit with a built-in system.

Not just the source of owner headaches – inventory issues are also one of the number one reasons a company loses money.  Often owners are skating by with all of the administrative duties on their calendar and the evaluating of inventory as well as what really needs to be ordered gets placed on the backburner.

A CRM platform with a built in feature designed to track inventory can help a business owner quickly and accurately evaluate what is selling and what is stagnant.  This can make a huge difference in profit and open up space for new and exciting services for customers to get excited about.


Web-Based CRM platforms give updates to managers in real time

Online client relationship management software enables managers and staff to access the system from anywhere.  A CRM platform that updates in real time allows managers to see what is happening – when it is happening – from their desk, their home or while traveling.

Keeping managers more informed allows for more honest conversations with clients about schedules and other questions that arise.  With the right information, clients feel more engaged in their customer experience.  This leaves them with a more positive view of the business and the service they received.

Opening the lines of communication and changing the expectations so that staff communicate through the online CRM platform keeps them more accountable.  With the web CRM, the manager has one place to look for the information they need – saving time and money.


CRM platforms utilize reporting that impresses clients.

There is value in having something tangible that shows the client progress has been made.  A visual representation of the project and how it’s moving forward is available with web CRMs, like CRM Runner.  A client that receives a professional and aesthetically  pleasing report about their project will feel more confident in your business.

When discussing a project with a client, being able to show them reports from different intervals of the project will add trust and value to the service you provide.  An informed client is less likely to feel blind sided by things like schedule shifts and shipping delays on parts that were ordered.  Having these reports also helps business owners properly scope future projects.


Businesses who choose to utilize the features of an online CRM platform see results.

Using the tools your business needs to stay on top of costs and customer experience is a long term investment in your business.  Implementing processes that allow for easy scalability and oversight are essential steps to laying a solid foundation for a budding business.  An online CRM platform helps businesses control costs, improve customer experience and see growth.



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