Using CRM and email marketing tools together can help you create targeted, personalized campaigns. What would you say if you got a CRM Software that comes with a built-in email marketing tool to help your business organize and optimize relationships with your existing and potential customers? Wouldn’t it be a like two strokes of luck?

Check through the CRM Runner, a comprehensive customer relationship management software, used by leading corporate majors to small-and-medium businesses. You will learn how easily a user of this robust CMR tool can organize contacts, automate campaigns and store customer data. The top benefit of using this CRM-enabled email marketing software is you will have a central data hub about leads and customers, which automates delivery of the personalized content, and enables its users to easily track customer engagement.

A feature-rich and fully integrated email marketing functionality with your contact database, CRM Runner simplifies sending emails directly to your targeted customers and prospect base.

Quickview of Using CRM Runner:

  • Design high-converting email campaigns with ease using different templates
  • Schedule follow up messages after successfully sending a message
  • Create your group lists for easy distribution of emails
  • Nurture your prospects automatically with repopulating lists used previously
  • Create emails by modifying text color, fonts
  • Attach images to make it more eye-catchy to the customers
  • Build email campaigns that are guaranteed to convert
  • Send mass emails at a scheduled time to a targeted audience
  • Create and send email blast inventory in stock to potential customers or clients
  • Tailor your email message as per your company’s interest
  • Communicate with the clients in various stages of the sales funnel

CRM Runner is a veritable full-service CRM platform that also streamlines email marketing to its full potential and turns this secret weapon in their selling arsenal as combining CRM with an email marketing tool. CRM Runner is really designed to free up your time to run your business and help your business grow in the background.

Users of CRM Runner can communicate easily with their customers to keep them engaged, up to date with their brand, and ensure they keep coming back time and again. All the more, users will have their own database, guaranteeing no misplacement of important documents as they can store their documents for future reference.


You should invest in a CRM software that is enabled with an email marketing feature because of the improved sales effectiveness, increased productivity, and transparency across your sales team.

CRM Runner is a powerful CRM and sales automation platform that is simple enough for any team and sophisticated enough for any business.

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