Handyman services are popular for jack-of-all-trades home and business repairs.  In today’s trade industries, some services are quite expensive if you book specialists for every job.  If a homeowner wants a room painted, some light bulbs changed, and a doorknob installed, it may be more affordable and faster to hire a handyman for these odd jobs.

Handymen services offer versatility and affordability for consumers, but some customers have noticed that professionalism can lack.  Many in the handyman business pride themselves on their work but when it comes to professional looking invoices, finance reports, and webpages, they hit a wall.  CRM software for handyman services may be the answer they are looking for.  CRM, or customer relationship management, applications like CRM RUNNER can organize a small business, keeping it on track in a variety of ways.

Check out this FAQ about CRM Software and what it can do you for your handyman services business.

Q:  What does CRM RUNNER do?

A:  In short, almost everything!  CRM RUNNER keeps track of your customers and potential leads by storing contact information.  CRM software generates invoices which can be paid directly in the software.  CRM stores contractor information and inventory.  It can track employee time and mileage expenses.  You can use it like a personal assistant for document storage and calendars.  The possibilities are endless.

Q:  How does CRM RUNNER help me when I’m out on the road?

A:  It is important to have a CRM application that goes on the road when you do.  CRM offers a mobile application which has all of the same information available on your computer.  The software allows you to review project plans, contracts, and invoices on a mobile device.  It also gives access to GPS and payment collecting modules.  If you have other operators using the application, you can chat internally.  If your business has a dispatch person, they can also use the software to send messages to clients and employees.

Q:  Can I change the features available based on who is using the software?

A:  Yes!  User permissions enable business owners to give certain information to a limited amount of people.  For example, you may want to give a contractor access to the job plans but not the customer database; this is possible with CRM RUNNER.

Q:  What reports does CRM RUNNER provide?

A:  CRM RUNNER provides customizable reports in a professional format.  You can review reports based on payroll, mileage, expenses, revenue, open invoices, and more.  It will be easier to keep your finances in order using these reports.

CRM RUNNER is top of the line customer relationship management software.  If you have more questions, or you’re ready to give it a try, reach out to us today!  We’re here to help.

If you are new to using this software, then you can use our 14 days free trial or check our Pricing here.