People often ask about how a customer relationship management system can help them in their business. How exactly can this tool be leveraged to maximize the benefits a business can reap from it? The answer is, a CRM software can drive agility and streamline business workflow processes, covering sales, marketing, office management, to team management of an organization.

Benefit #1:

Sales management for example. By integrating CRM Runner System, a business can optimize sales performance much better with the understanding of buyers’ needs in an improved manner and knowledge of the right time of introducing a product or service to their customers. As a result, a business won’t have to waste time dealing with non-profitable customers and be able to find profitable customers that can lead to increased sales. Designed to help manage sales funnel efficiently, CRM Runner gives 360-degree view of all leads that are organized as per their sales funnel stage. Its users can sort their leads into different groups, get to know who they should follow up on, who has agreed to buy, and who already sent them their money. Upon receiving all data, CRM Runner then automatically creates a sales report so the user comes to know what part of their sales funnel needs to improve.

Benefit #2:

Simplify task management. CRM Runner features some of the great CRM tools that help its users organize their workload, make sure no tasks are missed out, and have a “360-degree view” of the customer, with all the communications in one place.

Benefit #3:

Automate email marketing and customer management processes to the fullest extent. CRMrunner can help streamline and synchronize your emails, messages, social media platforms, and other platforms in its single platform. You can nurture relationships through targeted emails, schedule follow up messages after successfully sending a message, and create your group lists for easy distribution of emails, among others. With a customer management module feature in CRM Runner, you can experience an improved sales process facilitated, add new customers, search new ones and import customers from QuickBooks or excel sheets, besides accessing and updating customer status and contact details, and scheduling a call, among others.

Benefit #4: 

Experience an improved and accelerated communications process. With the communication feature module in CRM Runner, you can know your audience and grab leads from every channel, boost collaboration within multiple departments to quicken your decisions and approvals. Get complete call center features, SMS, IVR, call recordings, voice mails and more, in the single platform of CRM Runner.

Benefit #5:

Track and monitor movements and whereabouts of your sales representatives and field technicians in real-time with GPS Tracking feature in CRM Runner. It will help you improve sales performance of your sales team as you can quickly and easily filter your searches by individuals, teams or locations. It means you will be able to better manage your crews, resources, and projects, thereby impacting and improving your sales process.

Benefit #6:

Automate marketing campaigns. With this integrated marketing program in CRM Runner, you can focus on each marketing campaign, reach out to and engage with your target audience. CRM Runner can help you manage and streamline your marketing campaigns to deliver optimal outcomes to be precise.


From cost reduction, effective marketing campaign creation, engagement improvement, to building stronger relationships, CRM Runner integration with your business management processes is sure to drive much better results.

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