With the advent of science and technology, all the manual works are now been replaced by software and online management systems. Just like GPS tracking CRM software helps in finding the location of your business employees, Time attendance CRM software can help in maintaining an accurate payroll system.

Here are the various benefits of Time attendance CRM software

  • Eliminates Spreadsheets

If you maintain a spreadsheet to keep a record of the attendance of your employees, you need to invest much more time and the process can be very hectic and complicated. To save valuable time, you can replace the spreadsheet with Time attendance CRM software. This also enables the managers to get an accurate payroll of the employees.

  • Reduce the payroll by keeping a track record of the worker’s attendance

The main advantage of Time attendance CRM software is that it can reduce the cost of payroll of the employees. The manager or the owner can track the attendance to make sure that the staff or the employees can get their payment accurately according to their working duration. The employees now don’t have to sign to mark their attendance, they can do that by a PIN or card reader or a biometric scanner. The CRM software could fetch the entire details of the contracted hours of work of the employees.

Overtime and staff payroll can now be automatically calculated by the Time attendance CRM software based on the company’s overtime payment system and rates. This software not only compensates the human error but also helps the workers to get their deserved payment on time.

  • Protects your sensitive data

The offices of HR and payroll departments contain various important information of the contractual details of the workers and individual pay rates. Time attendance CRM software can be modified to store the information of the employees and deny them access to others except for the HR and payroll personnel.


Just like CRM for electrical contractors has been a huge boost to them, Time attendance CRM software can also be as effective to maintain the accuracy, precision, and integrity of the company.