Brand Photography is a growing industry.  As social media continues to reach the further corners of the globe, more businesses are becoming aware of what it means to have a consistent brand.  For business who want to maintain a strong reputation on the internet especially, this means embarking on the daunting task of finding a brand photographer.

When it comes to photograph, you have your amateurs, your hobbyists, your professionals, and your professional brand photographers.  Anybody can click a shutter button on a camera.  Professionals know how to adjust the camera to capture the best possible snap.  Only professional brand photographers know how to do this in a way that resonates with a target market by means of speaking to the brand’s consistent and authentic voice.  In other words, hiring a great brand photographer is no easy task.

For brand photographers, this is good news.  It means you are rarity.  You are a unicorn. But unicorns are hard to find.  So how do you get discovered as a superstar in the brand photography department?  The answer is easy:  CRM Software for Brand Photographers. 

The title of this post lends itself to one simple rule.  The best thing for brand photographers is CRM Software.  Here’s why.

  • Find new clients. Getting clients to find your name on the internet is a challenge in and of itself.  You have to think about many factors.  Geography, reputation, reviews, SEO, keywords, the list goes on and on… Then, there is a hack:  Landing pages.  A landing page is a version of your website that ranks highly on search engines when potential customers search for keywords that relate to your business.  When they make it to your webpage, they are prompted to share some basic contact information in order to receive something (an estimate, a quotation, sample work, an e-book, a subscription to your newsletter – whatever!).  When you have that information in your CRM database, you can start building a leads list.  A long leads list could result in a longer client list!
  • Organize your payment system. Brand photographers need to stay organized to make it in the business.  The difference between a good business and a great one is organization.  For example, if your business always has the same neat style of sharing expenses, contracts, and invoices, you will build a little more faith in your company name.  As people begin to trust you, they start referring you (CRM Software tracks referrals, too!).  More referrals mean more business.
  • Know where you are going. As a photographer, you have a lot of onsite business.  Rather than post a giant map in your office, use GPS tools to help you track the location of all your client.  If you hire photographers, you can track them using this tool, too.  The GPS systems help you calculate mileage expenses and track equipment.  All very valuable tools for a brand photographer.

If you are in the market for CRM Software for Brand Photographers, call CRM RUNNER today.