Taking care of the elderly is a challenging, yet rewarding, career.  Running a business that coordinates elder care requires both compassion and business skills.  Whereas compassion comes naturally to most who make a life out of this career path, business administration is more difficult to manage, especially as your business grows.

CRM Software provides backend organization to your business, and CRM RUNNER goes the extra mile in offering painless organization no matter the size of your elder companion and caregiver company.  With so much on their plate, administrators of an elder companion and caregiving agencies need to stay on top of scheduling, logistics, contracts, marketing, billing and more.  CRM RUNNER streamlines these processes with a variety of useful tools.

Calendar & Call Center features allow for quick organization.  At a glance, you can see your daily agenda with access to the lead and client details you need to keep the lines of communication open.  For example, the calendar shows your 9:00 AM call with a potential new client.  You can double click on the appointment and review the lead’s details.  Clicking on another button connects you to the lead by phone.  If you need to reschedule a call, drag-and-drop technology makes updating hassle-free.  This makes lead management a snap.

Paperwork can be a challenge for the busy elder companion and caregiver business.  Everything from contracts and brochures to quotations and invoices is saved directly in the CRM application.  CRM RUNNER allows for electronic document delivery, so clients can sign contracts and pay invoices on their computers or mobile devices.  Your team can even do this work while with patients in the field.  CRM RUNNER offers a mobile application that accepts payments on the go.  It even sends the invoice or receipt by email.

When it comes to marketing, CRM RUNNER automates a large part of the lead collecting process.  Potential clients visit your landing page and share their interest.  The contact information automatically appears in your CRM database for follow-up.  You can send SMS updates, email messages, and create call lists for fast follow-up and higher rates of conversion.  Grow your senior companion and caregiver business quickly using these tools.  The CRM application also allows you to track referrals, giving insight to which channels are the most successful.

Financial management is simplified via CRM RUNNER.  Financial reports measure revenue and expenses as designated by the invoices sent to customers.  CRM RUNNER offers full software integration with popular financial management software such as Quick Books.  The reports showcase where your business is heading and can give clues to its current financial health.  Each report prints in a professional format with the attributes you choose.

Running a senior companion and caregiver business is no easy task.  The betterment of the lives of your clients gives the challenge meaning, and CRM RUNNER can make it easier to focus on that aspect.