Private car services are now in a more competitive market thanks to ride-sharing applications that give users the opportunity to call a private ride from almost anywhere.  However, traditional private car services are desirable for many market segments and for many occasions.  For example, it would be rare that a bride and groom would “book an uber” for a post-wedding drive away farewell scene.  They cannot take the chance of anything going wrong.  Many people still enjoy the feeling of calling for a private car for a ride to the airport, for prom, for a nice date.  Not to mention many private services serve a different crowd altogether, people too famous or too private to use taxis or ride-sharing applications.  There is no doubt this industry will continue thriving so long as firms remain organized and fully embrace a strong marketing effort, drawing on leads and past customers.  CRM Software does this with ease, and CRM Software for Private Car Services also acts a customer service and dispatch center.

CRM Software has a variety of tools that would be extreme usefulness to those in the Private Car Service industry.

  • Remain in Contact with Customers: Customer Contact Information is kept confidentially in a secure database.  This database is only accessible to those whom the administrator chooses to give access.  This will make clients feel more secure about how their information is used by the company.  Customers can be contacted by phone with one-click, so long as VoIP Integration is activated.  Customer service can also be in touch with clients by text message or by email.  Using this tool, staff can let customers know that the driver is on their way.
  • Payment Collection: Payments can be collected directly within the software, even by the driver if desired by management.  If not, payments can also be paid by email.  Estimates easily convert to invoices, too.  All estimates and invoices are generated using the company logo and contact information.  If there are other documents the company uses, such as itineraries, waivers, or agreements, these documents can be attached to the client profile, receipt, or stored in document storage center.
  • Generate Leads: If the company doesn’t already have a landing page, CRM Software has templates that can be used to create one.   The landing page will be a place to collect leads; interested parties visit the website and request more information or join a mailing list.  Then this information is easily imported into the software for later follow-up via marketing efforts or direct sales.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Private Driver Service Providers can send potential and past customers messages to encourage boosting sales using CRM Software.  For example, if the company has a listing of those who rented a car for a prom event, the company can send an advertisement the following year, perhaps with a coupon.  Even if the same people are not attending prom, they may share the coupon or advertisement with friends and family.
  • Dispatch and Call Center: CRM Software works as a dispatch tool, too.  The powerful software has a variety of tools like GPS, VoIP, Schedules, and To-Do Lists that help the call center and the drivers work as one.  GPS routes and mileage can be calculated in the software, both in the office and on the road.

Private Driving Service Companies need to be creative to stay competitive in today’s economic climate.  CRM Software for Private Drivers comes in the form of CRM RUNNER, a customization platform offering all of these tools and more.  Schedule a test drive of the software today.