When running a business, keeping accurate records of transactions is a crucial part of daily operations.  Be it for inventory, taxes, or bookkeeping, every transaction must be accurately documented.  Whereas many small business owners are still using spreadsheet documents and carbon copy receipt books, savvy business leaders use CRM database software, like CRM RUNNER, to track transactions in a way that is easy, efficient, and professional looking.

Estimates and invoices can be prepared quickly, using a template that showcases your company´s logo and contact information, sending professional and timely documents to customers.  These documents can be sent electronically for a faster turnaround and guaranteed receipt.

Both services and inventory items can be tracked within the software, giving real time metrics on service hours and stock.  As employees build estimates for clients, services and inventory are attached to the project.  Once approved and completed, invoices can be sent quickly so that payment is collected promptly.  Notifications can be sent to customers regarding their payment by email or by SMS.  If a phone call is required regarding an invoice, the customer can be connected via VoIP in a single click.

Another benefit of using CRM RUNNER for business transactions is that the payment can be collected in the database itself.  This means that payment records are attached to the client or contractor and accurately reflected on account for each party.  The software offers full integration with your current finance and payment software which means less clicking through screens to process payments, saving time and energy.

As CRM RUNNER is available as a mobile application, field workers and managers can send and update invoices from any location with a mobile device.  Invoices can also be paid using the mobile application of CRM RUNNER.  Payment can be collected on the road and rectified by other departments at the homebase.

Customers will find peace of mind in paying through software after having received a professional invoice.  Likewise, managers and business owners can rest assured that finances are in order.  The CRM software also offers the capability of running reports on transactions, providing information on inventory, sales trends, revenue and more.

Gone are the days of using receipt books and ledgers to manage finances.  You will no longer need to use separate software for credit card and debit card transactions thanks to the integration capabilities of the software. Simply your payment process by using CRM RUNNER today. You can take a 14 days free trial of this software from CRM Runner and even check its pricing too.