Personal Chef CRM Software is going to be your new favorite ingredient if you are a personal chef.  Of course, you can’t add it to a salad or soup, unfortunately, but it does help make your recipes taste a little better thanks to the efficiency it provides to your personal chef business.

A personal chef has a lot to keep up with these days.  There are the fun parts, the magic:  recipes, shopping for ingredients, the look of joy on a client’s face when he tastes your homemade ratatouille.  Then there are the parts that are a little daunting:  invoices, mileage, payroll, landing pages, accounting, inventory, the list goes on and on… and on!  All of these tasks can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

To overcome the never-ending to-do list associated with being a personal chef, more and more professionals in the chef industry are investing in Personal Chef CRM Software.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  Software refers to the computerized application that replaces many tools and hours of work.  Personal Chef CRM Software provides the following relishes:

  • Most personal chefs these days don’t have a home base kitchen from which they prepare their meals.  Caterers often do, but professional chefs tend to work in the kitchens offered by onsite locations.  This means the chef has to know where they’re going before when booking an appointment and then again when going to prepare the meal onsite.  If you are a chef, you cannot afford to lose time getting lost when in transit, no sir.  You need to be on time.  GPS tools that offer mileage calculators and street view tools help make this possible.
  • Calendar tools. Booking appointments is important.  After all, how many Thanksgiving dinners can one personal chef cook in a day?  If you overextend yourself, you may find yourself in hot water.  That’s good for potatoes.  It isn’t good for you nor your business.  Rather than get roasted by the client, you can stay ahead by using the CRM calendar tool to make sure all your appointments line up in a way that allows you to do your best work.
  • On-the-go functionality. The kitchen is on the go for many personal chefs today.  They need to be able to walk into the kitchen and get to work.  When you use CRM Software with mobile applications, all the resources you have in the home office go on the road with you.  When you want to calculate payroll when the chicken roasts, you can.  If you want to collect on an invoice right after dessert, no problem.  With on-the-go functionality, mobile CRM applications are really a piece of cake!

The list of tools goes on and on.  To learn more about the value of Personal Chef CRM Software, contact CRM RUNNER today.  We are here to help!