A tailor, or seamstress, is not a job that has gone out of fashion.  These talented craftsmen and women mend clothes, linens, and other fabric-based items so that they can live on in our closets and homes.  Heroes of the garment world, they can take advantage of powerful CRM Software to increase their market reach and organize their invoice system.  Seamstresses and tailors can be quite busy, sewing new patterns for clients, hemming wedding dresses, and taking pants in an inch or two.  When they are busy, they rely on CRM Software for Tailors to keep track of their business. A tailor can add CRM software to her tool box to accomplish many tasks.

Task Number One:  Generating Orders

CRM Software allows tailors to maintain an on-going list of customers and their orders.  This is quite useful as it replaces the need to keep up with handwritten records.  This technology keeps everything in order.  If a tailor has a list of contacts in a spreadsheet document, he may easily important them into the software, saving a lot of time on data entry.  If not, entering customers is an intuitive, quick process on a one-by-one basis.  When customers arrive, the order taker can create an estimate.  If the estimate is requested over the phone, it is possible to email the estimate to the client.  Once the estimate is approved, the order can be processed, generating an invoice.  If the company requires a signature to get started, perhaps for a waiver or other agreement, the system allows for electronic signature.  Documents can also be attached, either showing instructions or sketches for various plans. Even payment can be collected using the CRM Software. These tools make the life of a tailor a lot easier.

Task Number Two:  Running Financial Reports

CRM Software for Tailors gives business owners access to many customizable report templates.  These reports can show open invoices, current sales, and profit reports.  This is a useful tool as the CRM application integrates with payment software like QuickBooks.

Task Number Three:  Contacting Suppliers

Like they can with customers, business owners can maintain contact information for vendors, suppliers, and contractors in CRM Software.  This means keep everything in one place is easier.   Inventory items are likewise easy to maintain in the CRM applications.

Task Number Four:  Payroll & Staffing

If the seamstress or tailor has any employees, the staff can use the CRM software like a time clock.  From this tool, timesheets are created in a few simple clicks, making payroll faster to process.  If managers want to give access to parts of the CRM database to an employee, user permissions settings allow them to choose what employees can access when logged in.

CRM Software for Tailors and Seamstresses has never been this easyCRM RUNNER is a customizable, general-use CRM solution with many tools to organize businesses and grow client bases.