Business is about cultivating mutually prosperous relationships with people. The sales funnel in CRM captures sales leads in an instinctive way. Sales funnel helps in the creation and management of leads for freelance professionals and small businesses. The sales funnel has the capacity to enhance the customer base and provide a forward impetus to business growth.

What is CRM Sales Funnel?

CRM sales funnel is the method of strategic conversion of interacting leads into chargeable customers. Sales funnel focuses on maintaining a perpetual post-sale relationship with clients by continuous value addition.

The geometry of a funnel has a large circle at the top and the diameter decreases as it reaches down. A sales funnel will have abundant leads at the top and it gradually decreases as we reach the bottom part.

Depending on the structure of your business, you can incorporate the number of stages to construct in the sales funnel. You need to decide on the step that the lead has to take so as to transfer to the next stage.

Once your conceptual sales funnel is ready, it can be integrated with the CRM software. This will give control to the CRM to manage your sales funnel by automatic lead tracking.

The CRM will begin nurturing a relationship with prospective clients. CRM Sales funnel performs lead engagement based on a predefined set of activities with the objective of pushing the clients quicker down the funnel.

Objectives of using a Sales funnel

Tracking and interacting with current and future customers is one of the top priorities of enterprise owners.

  • Client interaction will give insights as to how people relate with other individuals and helps in raising awareness of your brand.
  • CRM software enables you to build a sales funnel that helps you to monitor sales history, promotional offers and customer conversations.
  • It has the effect of correct identification of those who have a higher probability of purchasing your product.

Different phases of Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is an effective marketing instrument to get new leads and consequent lead conversion.


Creating awareness of your business in the clients who are searching the web for a solution to their problems is the first step.  The attraction of leads can be done through social media campaigns, e-mail marketing and other offline ad campaigns.

Expression of interest

The next stage involves the client showing an initial interest in your enterprise through social media or by filling a customer contact form.


This is the stage where the client is thoroughly considering using your product by comparing to other competitors in the market. This is the stage when representatives of your business will establish contact with the lead.

Action stage

This is the stage where the customer makes a buying decision and converts into a buyer.

Advantages of a CRM funnel

  • CRM sales funnel gives you insights into the requirements of buyers so that you reorient the delivery of services in the best way.
  • Sales funnel optimized CRM software has the effect of greatly enhancing the quality of interaction between your business and the client.
  • CRM sales funnel helps your business to identify leads with a high potential for conversion. These leads can then be assigned to the proper team members and close more deals.
  • Sales funnel helps you to devote quality time to the right customers and have increased sales.

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