People get into personal training to transform lives.  It is a rewarding career in which trainers help clients make and maintain fitness and health goals by planning exercise and nutrition regimens.  Apart from the expertise in designing health and wellness programs, trainers must also have a keen business sense to attract and keep clients, and for that CRM Software like CRM RUNNER can assist.

CRM RUNNER is a powerful customer service management software that personal trainers can use to maintain their client list.  This software allows trainers to import their current contact lists into the program where they will be able to create distribution lists to send out messages for marketing, scheduling, follow-up, and more.

The software contains templates to build a landing page.  This is especially helpful for trainers because they can build an attractive website showcasing their services.  Customers who visit the site have the opportunity to share their contact information so that trainers can connect with them to provide more information about their program.  The Sales Funnel tool displays interested parties based on their current level of commitment so that the first appointment can be scheduled as quickly as possible.

The CRM software also has widgets for calendars so that trainers can maintain their schedule directly in the software.  It is especially useful because the calendar features the ability to attach client information to the meeting.  If a client calls to reschedule, drag-and-drop technology makes updating the schedule easy.

When it comes to billing, b the payment collection process.  Trainers can upload their logo and information so that a template generates invoices based on set rates and packages.  The invoices can be emailed directly to clients where they can pay online or in person.  The software links up to the trainer’s current payment software so they can collect payment directly in the application. CRM RUNNER’s database is available as a mobile application, so trainers can send and pay invoices right in the gym.

Marketing is a factor that some trainers forget – and CRM applications automate the marketing process so they have more clients with less effort.  For example, many people consider personal training, and for motivation reasons, fail to follow through.  Trainers need to stay in contact with the potential clients – especially as seasonal changes may give them the boost they need to get started.  For example, participation in fitness center increases around New Year’s Day as people make resolutions to get in shape.  Swimsuit season and wedding season also motivate people to hit the gym.  Take advantage with strategically timed promotional emails inviting your current and potential clients to start a fitness journey with that in mind.  A few clicks send your message to clients via email or SMS text message, driving more confirmed appointments for your personal training business.

CRM software can transform your personal training business the same way you transform your clients’ lives.  Everybody needs a spotter, so let CRM RUNNER be there to support your personal training business.   Click CRM Software for a trial!