Podcasts use to be a small-time game.  A few people made podcasts to reach niche audiences.  They were popular among internet-lovers, college students, murder-mystery folk, and more.  little by little, they grew from something rooted in education and entertainment to something much larger, an industry.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, professional podcast producers came to rise.  Imagine telling a career counselor that you wanted to be a podcast producer some 20 years ago, even 10 years ago.  They would have said, “podcast producer, what’s what?”  Today, college programs exist for podcast production.  Technology has come a long way, and so have consumers.  More and more people are interested in the exciting field of podcasts, either as a producer or as a listener.

If you are in the podcast production business, we have news for you.  You should be using CRM Software for Podcast Producers. Here’s why:

  1. Find clients. Literally! CRM Software for Video Marketing Professionals has a GPS tool that helps you locate clients on the map.  If you are a local company that does your work onsite, rather than a studio, this tool will be really helpful.  You will be able to review the map for mileage expenses and to locate where the client is before you head out.  The feature also allows you to contact mileage for expense report purposes.
  2. Find clients! Figuratively! This time when we’re talking about CRM Software for Video Marketing Professionals, we’re talking about finding more clients to get more work.  The same software that maps out clients and can help bring them to you thanks to its landing page tool.  This tool provides a template for a webpage that operates on SEO tactics to pull in more leads for your database.  It organizes these leads using a sales funnel tool which sorts leads based on the degree of interest they have in signing on with your firm.
  3. Get organized. This software is powerful because it organizes your business.  You can use widgets to create to-do lists and assign tasks to employees.  You can organize vendor contact information.  You will be able to run expense reports, process payroll, and look at your calendar.  Contacting clients is easy because of all their information is attached to their profile.  CRM Software for Video Marketing Professionals does all of this and more.
  4. Offer security. E-signature ensures contracts are signed and stored securely.  User permissions helps make sure that only those who need access have it.  Even mobile an application version means you can keep your information safeguard within the database without printing documents, exposing yourself to the risk of losing them.

To get CRM Software for Video Marketing Professionals, contact CRM RUNNER.