When it comes to personal style, it is important to trust an expert.  Wardrobe styling today is a healthy, growing industry it seems.  This is largely in part due to the increase of social media and additional cameras in the public eye.  From Hollywood to small towns across America, more and more people care about what they look like from head to toe, and that means they care about their clothes as well.

Women often worry about having a style that makes them feel good about who they are.  For many women, this includes how they dress.  Men, too, like to show off a good-looking outfit, increasing their confidence.  People everywhere take care of themselves and invest in their looks, especially their clothes.  For this reason, those who work in the fashion and styling industries need to maintain great relationships with their clients.

In the market of fashion, different professionals provide various services.  Some fashion pros work at magazines, curating photos and articles that explain the latest trends.  Others work in design, bringing looks to life from sketchpads to runways.  Others, do styling.  These professionals, stylists, can work on photoshoots putting together looks or in department stores, helping everyday people choose the best look for their body type and color palette.  Stylists come at different price points depending on fame and experience, so anybody can hire one today.

Stylists know better than anybody that they need to maintain an excellent relationship with prospects, current customers, and past clients.  Style is seasonal and cyclical, so anybody who truly cares about fashion remembers that looks need to be changed out often if one is to keep up with the trends.  For the aspiring stylist, or the well-established one, this is where great CRM software for stylists comes in.

CRM software helps entrepreneurs and businesses of any size maintain close contact with leads and customers.  CRM software for stylists specifically helps the fashion professional keep in touch with minimal effort.  Past client lists can be saved in a database so that text messages (SMS) and emails can be sent with updates and invitations to book a new appointment.  If your agency creates look books, fashion forecasts, or other marketing and promotional materials, you can easily send the documents to past and current clients in just a few clicks.

Another important tool offered in CMR software for fashion stylists is the schedule maker.  Drag and drop technology makes booking, canceling, and rescheduling appointments a snap.  If the scheduler wants to review client information, double clicking on the appointment opens the profile with the contact information and customer notes available at a glance.

CRM software will change the stylist’s way of doing business.  As the stylist becomes more efficient, they will have more time to do what they best: style outfits.  If you are a stylist looking to increase marketing efforts and stay organized, contact CRM Runner today.