Personal Chefs have a lot on their plate when it comes to managing their business.  Apart from creating culinary experiences that dazzle their clients, they have to maintain excellent relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers, and their employees.  One tool makes this much easier:  CRM Software for Personal Chefs.

Many people do not think about the business administration work that goes on behind the scenes for a Personal Chef.  What comes to mind instead is the chef in the kitchen, whipping up some of his best plates.  However, personal chefs need to find clients, arrange schedules, order supplies and ingredients, send invoices, and manage finances.  CRM databases can streamline these tasks by offering a central location for all of these tasks.  The best CRM software for Personal Chefs will be able to be used on the go as chefs are rarely in the same place for a long time.

How can Personal Chefs take advantage of CRM software?

Chefs can find new clients using their CRM’s applications tools.  For example, CRM software imports interested parties’ information from a landing page.  The software generates a list which can be used to follow-up with customers who visited a website.  These customers may be “shopping around” for personal chefs, and professional, prompt, and courteous follow-up could be what encourages the consumer to choose one personal chef business over another.  With this in mind, it is imperative that personal chefs reach out to leads quickly and courteously.  CRM technology allows chefs to reach out to customers in a variety of ways – by phone, by email, or even by text (SMS) message.  This will bring a higher rate of conversion and a better bottom line.

The chef can use the CRM software to manage all of his business relationships.   Vendors, suppliers, and employees can be maintained in the software.  Vendor and supplier management is particularly important to the chef.  Tracking costs and inventory can also be done within the software.  When chefs order pots, pans, potatoes and poultry, all of those expenses need to be tracked; this can be done using CRM applications.  Imagine the ease of access knowing that a professional network is totally accessible in one place.

Not all personal chef businesses are a one-person show.  Instead, these businesses often work with a variety of employees to make “the magic happen.”  CRM technology allows managers and owners to set user permissions so that employees using the software can access only what they need.  A sales person can view the sales funnel tool and an administrative assistance can access invoices.  This provides a level of security because not all information is accessible to everybody.

Personal chefs using CRM software have a competitive advantage in their industry.  Automation saves time and money, meaning chefs can do what they do best – prepare delicious meals for clients!  If you are ready to make the switch to organization and automation, let’s have a conversation about how CRM RUNNER can streamline your business.