Manual payroll management is outdated. Organizations are now using payroll management software instead to automate their day-to-day payroll activities and streamline essential operations of every organization, whether big or small.

With the help of payroll functionality backed by CRM software – CRM Runner, you can manage all of your employees’ data in a structured way, manage pay structures, payroll information and generate pay-slips etc. You can automate the payment processes, employee attendance, calculating leaves, etc. This way, a systematic and smart system of payment enables you to steer clear of all hassles.

Record employee attendance: This payroll module backed with CRM Software CRM Runner will manage staff attendance, calculate leaves and process salary through a few simple clicks by using the time clock and timesheet feature.

Get a 360-degree view of employee performances: You can view employee login and logout times by using the CRM Runner database as a time clock, review them, and keep a track of teams and even individual employees.

Track the whereabouts of your logged-in employees: You can monitor movement of employees who are on-field and track their location and route, thus minimizing wastage of office hours.

Monitor work hours: You can monitor employee work hours at the workplace precisely and that you can add to the customer invoice. You can easily keep a track of employees in direct payroll and vendor payroll along with their attendance.

CRM Runner offers robust payroll management functionality built-in and backed by this CRM System. It is aimed to save you time and money, simplify the payroll process, and ultimately give you better control of your business.

CRM Runner CRM software comes with the GPS Tracking features to give you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field. That is a new-age business management convenience you can leverage by using a robust CRM software CRM Runner.

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