The world of private school application consulting is a demanding one.  There is high pressure to succeed. The schedule for admissions is consistent, meaning that there is a point in the year that is a lot more chaotic for the consultant than other months.  At that busy time, there is a lot to juggle.

Families looking to get their children into private schools often look for help.  They worry that their child does not present a strong profile, or they feel lost in the red tape of the admissions process: standardized tests, interviews, networking events, information sessions, and more keep the family guessing – and worried.  From preschool to university, parents only want what is best for their children.

To best support the families, consultants should take advantage of CRM software for Private School Application Consultants. CRM software provides faster, easier communication, which in turn means a higher rate of success due to the following benefits:

  • Improved Communication: By opening communication between the schools, the family, and student, a better experience is provided.  Families can trust the consultant and the company.  The consultant always appears upbeat and ready-to-go, guaranteeing a higher rate of success.
  • Increased Organization: Schedules and plans change. Parents may begin working with a consultant and then change their minds.  In other cases, hiring a private school application consultant is a last-minute decision.  With Private School Application Consultant CRM software, this poses little problem.  Schedules and invoices can be updated easily.  Messages to families, schools, and students can be automated, notifying everyone involved of progress as it occurs.
  • Location: The CRM software for private school application consultants of today offers GPS technology.  Using this tool, consultants can save home and school locations.  The software manages mileage and offers a street view feature so that drivers always know where they are heading before they depart.
  • Privacy: CRM software is secure so that family details are never accessible to anybody except for those granted permission by the software administrator.  The software even has a mobile application, so Private School Application Consultants can have access to the CRM database while on the go.

CRM software for private school application consultants offers an array of benefits.  Beyond those discussed in this article, consultants will love automated invoicing, hassle-free follow-up, and VoIP phone service, connecting the consultant to families and schools by phone or email with the click of a button.  CRM RUNNER can remove some of the challenges of staying organized so that consultants can focus on the getting students admitted.