CRM Software for Mold Remediation is changing the way professionals in the industry do business.

They used to list advertisements in the phonebook, tear off paper invoices with carbon copies for the customers, and call in credit card numbers to the home office.  Today, they do things a little differently.  They list their business on search engines, email receipts to save paper, and process payments on little teeny-tiny handheld computers (aka mobile devices).  Humankind and its technology sure have come a long way, haven’t they?

Mold remediation is an old vocation.  For many generations of people, we have been worried about keeping our homes clean.  It is what separates us from the beasts.  We don’t dust.  We don’t want dirt.  We don’t want crumbs, grime, mildew, or mold.  Not in our house!  That’s disgusting, we scream.

How do we get rid of a little mold (or a lot of mold)?  Your first answer might be bleach, but that isn’t usually enough.  It can remove mold and mildew for a short bit in some cases, but if the sucker grows back, you know it’s bad news.  You know you need a mold remediation professional!

What separates mold remediation professionals from the amateurs?  The way they do business.

Remember how this post opened?  We mentioned how times have changed the face of the mold remediation business in terms of attracting new clients, sending invoices, and collecting payment.  Let’s do a little exercise called that was then, this is now.

That was then:  People looked up M for Mold Remediation in the phonebook.  They called the company.  They maybe spoke to somebody.  They might have left a message. They perhaps moved onto the next name if nobody answered the phone.  What a shame!

This is now:  People use CRM Software for Mold Remediation to collect phone numbers and email addresses when customers are interested.  If they visit a landing page, a response can be automated.

That was then:  Invoices used to be a mess in many trades.  Little receipt books flew out of trucks or got left behind, losing valuable records.

This is now:  Invoices are generated using a template.  They can be emailed to the client.  In fact, estimates, orders, and contracts can be signed electronically.  All of that paperwork nightmare has come to an end (finally!).

That was then:  Credit cards weren’t accepted or they were called into the home office.

This is now:  All types of payment, including credit cards, can be accepted by a company that uses CRM Software for Mold Remediation.

CRM Software certainly has come a long way, and so has the mold remediation business.

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