To put yourself on the map, if you offer a mobile massage, then you should consider making the wise investment in the powerful, twenty-first century technology that is revolutionizing the industry known as CRM Software for Mobile Massage Companies.

A massage can do a lot during stressful times.  The benefits of human touch are well documented.  Anybody who is stressed, tense, or in pain might benefit from a soothing, relaxing massage.  Whether firm and rough or soft and supple, a massage could be just what the doctor ordered.

Today, more and more people are thinking twice before leaving their home for non-essential services like haircuts, shopping sprees, and massages.  There is a lot of risk in galivanting about town without good reason.  Instead, people are now on the hunt for services that come to them.  In recent months, at-home haircuts have become a bit of a trend.  And now, mobile businesses like a mobile massage service could be next.

CRM Software for Mobile Massage Companies is an invaluable tool for several reasons:

  • You’re going to be busy if you run a mobile massage company.  Massages uptown.  Messages downtown.  Massages in the suburbs.  No matter where people are, they are aching for a rejuvenating massage.  When you get the call, you don’t want to miss out because you double book an appointment.  You can CRM Software to book your appointments, change appointments, and more.  Double click on an appointment to review customer details.  Drag and drop to make changes.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  • On-the-go accessibility. CRM Software for Mobile Massage Companies should be as mobile as the massage services they offer.  If you want to run your company well, you need software that works out on the road, since that is where you will find yourself most of the time.  The mobile application has all the data that you keep back in the office.  You can even collect payment and send receipts using the mobile version of the application.
  • You where you’re going with GPS tools. Ah yes, GPS.  A twenty-first century tool if there was ever one to be named.  When you need to know where you’re going, you don’t have to deal with an atlas anymore.  Use GPS tools to see where you are going, track mileage, and more.
  • Templates help make the job easier. You didn’t get into mobile massage to moonlight as an accountant.  The software generates invoices using a template, importing the information directly into your accounting software.  That makes doing the books a snap!

All these tools and more make CRM Software for Mobile Massage Companies helpful.  To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today.  A free trial is waiting for you.