A Purchase Order is an order placed with your vendors to purchase goods or services. It is a legally binding document that protects both the vendor’s and the buyer’s interests. A Purchase Order (PO) typically includes the PO number, date, and line items (products) with quantities and prices based on the Sales Quote, Billing address, Shipping address, and Terms & Conditions.

You can use the PO to communicate your product and pricing requirements to vendors so that there are no pricing issues in the future. The PO can also be used to cross-check products shipped to your shipping address and invoices sent to you. Furthermore, in the event of nonpayment in court, your vendor can use the PO as a legal document. Now easily manage purchase orders with the best CRM Software.

How CRM Runner can help manage purchase orders?

  • Easily set up inventory transactions with your vendors using a CRM Software!
  • Working with vendors to keep your inventory fully stocked can be time-consuming. This is why CRM Runner enables you to easily create purchase orders for your vendors.
  • CRM Runner allows you to create purchase orders for any item.
  • Will convert invoices to purchase orders automatically.
  • Create purchase orders from scratch and send them to vendors right away.

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