Language translators are seriously talented people.  Being able to speak one language well is a gift.  Being able to speak two (or more) well is an extraordinary talent.  Bilingual, trilingual, and polylingual revel in their gifts, often taking advantage of them an entrepreneurial way. If hola and hello mean the same thing to you, you might be an English-Spanish translator.  If you mix up your French and English in your head, you might be a translator.  Of course, translation occurs over the world’s many languages, not just the mainstream.  And although the internet provides some sources for quick automatic translations, computers just do not have what it takes to produce professional, idiomatic translations.  That is why translators are so important these days.

As the world becomes smaller and our economies more globalized, an increased demand for language translation has grown.  People want to communicate their messages across various populations and geographies, and translators help make that possible.

Translators can have a lot of clients from all of the world.  That can make keeping up with the translation business difficult.  To our successful translator friends, we offer this advice:  Invest in CRM Software for Translators.

Believe it or not, the best CRM Software for Translators is probably a generic brand that works as a jack-of-all-trade database.  Some CRM software packages are catered to specific industries, yet a general program will work just fine for those who need CRM Software for Translators.  Here’s a short list of what it can do to help your translation business blossom in the future:

Find clients – the CRM Software collects client data while you sleep (24/7 for that matter).  The software has a template to build a launch page (in whatever language).  The software will generate a form to collect information from potential clients and then sort that information into the database so that you can reach out in whatever way you find most appropriate.  If you want to call the lead using VoIP, go for it.  If you are more of a weekly newsletter type of business, CRM Software makes that possible.  More clicks mean more clients.  Stay ahead of the game with CRM Software for Translators.

Collect invoices – What could be worse than sending an invoice in the mail and then hearing the client mysteriously never received it?  When you send an invoice electronically, you don’t run that risk.  You also have templates in the CRM Software for Translators, making sending invoices (and collecting payment) easier than ever before.  That’s good news!

GPS – You have clients all over the world.  You’re in the translation game because you know the world like the back of you hand.  How neat to track client locations in real time! You can even see the street view of where your client is located.  It might just give you some much needed perspective.

Translation is a fun field.  To stay on top, though, you have to be organized.  Contact CRM RUNNER to learn more about how to get your business organized so you can spend more time doing what you love (translating) and less time doing what you dislike (organizing invoices).