The role of a landing page is to generate leads or make sales. That’s why it’s vital that you build a landing page with software that can store those leads and allow you to analyze data on potential prospects. Ideally, a powerful CRM has a landing page integration feature that can pull together a customer’s data and integrate with marketing and sales.

How a landing page integrated with CRM helps?

Landing pages are often linked to and from email marketing campaigns, online ads, search engine marketing campaigns, and social media. But regardless of how a visitor gets to your landing page, once they are there, it’s your job to drive them to convert.

Creating Landing Page Easily

The perfect way to convert web visitors into leads is to have relevant landing pages that include a clear “call to action” that allows you to collect visitor information through a lead form on your landing page. CRM Runner landing page feature lets you easily create and launch your landing pages without a professional designer or developer.

Connect Your Leads with Website Visitor Tracking

CRM Runner landing page is directly tied to the visitor tracking functionality. When an anonymous visitor submits a form on your landing page, a new lead record is created in CMR Runner. If the form gathers personal information, such as name, email, phone number and location, you now know exactly who the prospect is. The tracking tool will identify them and record their journey.

Automate Landing Page

Landing page automation introduces two powerful digital marketing tools for one strategy, which combines your lead generation processes and email marketing. You can custom create landing pages with highly customizable settings for fonts, colors, sizes, layout and every element of your page in such a way that they can express your brand and execute your vision.

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